Dates: A Sweet and Healthy Treat


With Ramadan in full swing and marketplaces offering a staggering variety of succulent dates, making this delicious and healthy treat a regular part of your day shouldn’t be too difficult at all. The fact that Muslims are encouraged to break their fasts with dates leads to an increased curiosity about the health benefits of this little wonder. You may be surprised to know that dates are an excellent source of several beneficial compounds, vitamins and minerals. All of these nutrients work together to promote the following health benefits:

As A Cure For Anemia

Anemia patients suffer from a lack of iron within their systems, which affects the quality of blood and in turn causes a drop in energy levels. The high proportion of iron in dates helps to rectify the lack of iron in the body and subsequently enhances energy levels and reduces feelings of lethargy.

As A Remedy For Allergies

Many people are plagued by seasonal allergies or allergic reactions, due to which they often have to take store-bought medication. Over-the counter or prescribed medicines may help to control the symptoms, but they also come with the threat of side-effects. Dates contain organic sulfur, a compound which can help to control and reduce the effects of allergies. Moreover, it is a completely natural remedy which does not cause any unpleasant side-effects.

For A Natural Boost In Energy

The sweetness of dates can be directly attributed to the variety of natural sugars that the fruit inherently contains. If you feel tired or sleepy during the day, dates serve as the perfect cure to replenish your energy levels.

As A Cure For Diarrhea

Dates contain potassium and diarrhea, two compounds that can help to regulate bowel movements and prevent diarrhea. If you are already suffering from chronic diarrhea, dates can help to alleviate the severity of the illness.

For A Healthy Heart

Potassium is not only beneficial for the maintenance of a healthy digestive system; it also plays a pivotal role in maintaining heart health. Research findings have established that regular consumption of dates can lower the risk of debilitating diseases such as strokes and high cholesterol.

The Takeaway

Dates are incorporated into innumerable recipes due to their delicious flavor and succulent texture. While all of these benefits may tempt you to have a handful every day, always remember that moderation should be exercised especially since dates can lead to weight gain. Experts recommend dates for people who want to gain weight or require additional energy due to rigorous exercise routines. Do you have any special recipes that incorporate dates? Share them with the HTV community by commenting below!

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