Tib-e-Nabvi: The Lowdown on Buffalo and Cow Milk


Islam is a religion that believes in the spiritual and also the physical well-being of a person. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) taught healing through natural elements and organic foods. Dr. Nazir Hussain helps the viewers and live callers achieve physical and mental health through the practice of Islamic Medicine as taught by our Holy Prophet (PBUH). Tib-e-Nabvi makes use of hadiths and Sunnah to discuss established Islamic Medicine practices for curing common health issues. Heal yourself with natural Islamic medicine as practiced by our Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Each show is aired live with a certain topic be discussed and questions to be answered by the callers from around the world. Since, this week was all about Milk, Tib-e-Nabvi also decided to have topics relation to this them. So, the topic was Buffalo and Cow milk in yesterday’s episode.

All around the world, cow milk is the essential form that is used. But, buffalo milk is consumed more in Pakistan and other South Asian regions. Dr. Nazir discussed the difference between cow milk and buffalo milk, the importance of milk in our lives according to Hadiths, and the benefits and drawbacks of it.

Cow milk is different from buffalo milk due to many factors. Cow milk is has low percentage of fat and more thin in consistency than buffalo milk which is more suitable for infants and the elders. Buffalo’s milk is rich or one can say ‘heavy’ in consistency which Dr. Nazir states, “Buffalo milk will never be able to set a good immune system, whereas cow milk has Shifa”. He says, ‘Milk is mentioned in the Quran and will exist in heaven as milk waterfalls (dhood ki nehray hongi).

When Dr. Nazir talks about drawbacks, he says, “Milk in Pakistan is like white poison (safaid zehar).” He mainly aims at the main source of milk that is consumed here, which is buffalo milk. Conferring Dr. Nazir, he states firmly, “Buffalo Milk should be motioned as haram in Pakistan, because of the way it is. He strictly prohibits the use of buffalo milk as it is not pure and has many harmful side effects. Dr. Nazir mentioned how important it is to keep milk covered through a Hadith which says; ‘A sahaba brought milk for Hazrat Muhammad SAW (PBUH) that was in an uncovered steel bowl. Mohammad SAW (PBUH) said to the sahaba, “why have you left it uncovered, cover it be it with a piece of wood.” Dr. Nazir refers to this in mentioning how easy it is for milk to attract pesticides if it is not covered immediately through something.

Tib-e-Nabvi Buffalo and Cow Milk

Basically, Allah first presented the first form on milk to Muhammad SAW (PBUH). Dr. Nazir refers this to the Hadith in which milk was first drank by the Holy Prophet; “Abu Bakr Siddiq reported: As we went along with Allah’s Messenger (May peace be upon him) from Mecca to Medina, we passed by a shepherd and Allah’s Messenger (May peace be upon him) was feeling thirsty. He (Abu Bakr Siddiq) said: I milked for him a small quantity of milk (from his goat) and brought it to him (the Holy Prophet), and he drank it and I was very happy.”

Dr. Nazir continues to remind the viewers that cow milk should be their choice of milk and they should give up buffalo milk immediately because of its hazardous form. Cow milk is more beneficial when it comes nutrients and minerals over buffalo milk. It is suitable for all ages (especially infant and elders) and is good for the digestive system if it contains the right amount of water.

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