How to Remove Moles Naturally


Facial moles can become really irritating and hard to deal with however, they sometimes seem unavoidable. Here are some healthy, natural and safe ways you can get rid of your facial moles at home.

1. Garlic

Garlic to Get Rid of Facial Moles Naturally

Garlic is one of the top rated facial mole removers in almost every list, garlic contains several nutrients and enzymes that are responsible for removing the germs or bacteria responsible for the moles. It is a very fast method of removing the nasty moles from your face. Even if the mole is flat, use of garlic can lighten the darkened moles very effectively.

  • You just need to turn one clove into a paste and place it on the mole overnight
  • However, garlic has a tendency to burn, therefore, protect other parts of your face.

2. Iodine

Some people cannot stand the smell of garlic. Never fear! If you are one of those people then you can use iodine instead of the smelly old garlic, although it is not as fast as garlic to treat the moles.

  • Just use a q-tip and put some iodine on it and rub it on the mole.
  • Do this for a few days.
  • Iodine has no effect even on sensitive skin, but upon any signs, go to a doctor.

3. Castor Oil

Putting castor oil on our facial moles is very effective in removing several skin problems such as; moles, warts and also skin tags. This treatment does not leave any marks however, the cost of this treatment is the time it takes. It might be months before the mole completely vanishes or drops off.

  • Mix castor oil with baking soda and make a paste
  • Apply that paste on the mole
  • Leave it on for a few hours and remove it
  • Just don’t do it more than twice a day.

4. Pineapple

Pineapple to Get Rid of Facial Moles Naturally

If you like eating Pineapple or even if you don’t, the delicious fruit has several amazing nutrients and enzymes that can be used to break down the outer layers of the facial moles. When using Pineapple mixed with sea salt it acts as a very strong agent against the moles.

  • Just add pineapple juice to some sea salt
  • It needs to be placed on the mole for a few hours or you can choose to leave it overnight
  • The results will take some weeks but will be worth it.

5. Honey

honey to Get Rid of Facial Moles Naturally

Honey is one of nature’s many treats that are abundant in the world and is said to be the thing which is flowing like rivers in heaven. Although you might be thinking how can this sweet delicious substance be able to remove moles? Well, it is a fact that honey contains several anti-bacterial and healing properties. It can be used to effectively remove the moles without any issues. Using honey with flaxseed oil will intensify its effect.

  • Dab a little bit of the mixture on the mole
  • Leave it for a few hours then wash it off
  • This process can be repeated each day for better results.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera to Get Rid of Facial Moles Naturally

Well the properties of Aloe Vera are known by everyone in the world. The great thing about aloe vera is that it is not acidic and contains cool gel that is soothing to the skin. This is probably one of the best home remedies to remove moles from your skin.

  • Just cut fresh Aloe Vera and place the gel on the mole
  • Leave it there for a few hours and then remove it
  • Do this three times a day, for a few months for the results.
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