Osteoporosis: The Bone Absorber You Need to Be Aware Of!


Osteoporosis is one of the fastest growing and most underrated diseases in Pakistan that is becoming common in senior citizens. Just like cancer, polio and heart conditions are taken seriously, it is now time to pay attention to this bone breaking problem. Not really sure what is being discussed? Let us explain some more.

Osteoporosis: The Bone Consumer

What is osteoporosis? In the simple words, it is a disease which leads to weakening and breakage of bones as a person ages. The bones become so brittle that falling, bending or sometimes even coughing hard can cause a fracture.

Even though osteoporosis occurs among women and men of all ages, it is fairly common in Asian women. Especially in women who have gone through menopause.

Some Osteoporosis Facts in Pakistan

some Osteoporosis facts in pakistan

Did you know that in Pakistan alone there are 9.91 million people who are suffering from osteoporosis? Out of these 7.19 million are women while 2.71 million are men. The worst part though is that it is believed that these numbers will continue to rise, reaching 11.3 million by 2020 and a staggering 12.91 million by 2050*!

But this is not the only thing to worry about. What is even scarier is the fact that the government refuses to take notice of this rising epidemic. Senior citizen care is not even on the list of concerns or implementation plans. The government of Pakistan has not begun to understand the magnitude of the problem.

Combine that with lack of awareness about the disease, availability of little to no primary care and poverty, the situation is pretty dire. This is the reason why people need to take this matter in their own hands as soon as they can. This can be done in three ways:

  1. By starting awareness campaigns
  2. NGOs should set up medical facilities in remote places
  3. Topics concerning bone health should be taught at school level

But the government too needs to set up a plan for the health and well-being of elderly citizens. They need to be educated about how they can take care of their bones. Plus, information should be made available regarding what can be done from an early age to ensure optimum bone health.

Some Ways to Avoid Osteoporosis

Just recently an ad has been running on the TV, showing many women celebrities endorsing the use of calcium supplements. Sponsored by GSK, this advertisement is a reminder we need to give to the masses. More such televised adverts will go a long way in bringing awareness and raising concern among people. Some other ways you can save your bones are listed below:

  • Start taking calcium supplements immediately. These will ensure that your bones remain healthy and strong.
  • Vitamin D is another important nutrient you need in your life for bone health. It can either be obtained through sunlight or taken through supplements. You would be surprised to know that the majority of Pakistani women, young and old, face the issue of severely low Vitamin D. Get it checked.
  • Some foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin D include fat-free dairy products, salmon, kale, broccoli, egg yolks, cheese, milk, yogurt and oranges.
  • Exercise goes a long way in keeping you fit and strong. So start today. Hit the gym or workout at home, whatever suits your timeline.
  • Quit smoking, it not only causes cancer, it also turns your bones to dust. Also avoid soda as carbonated drink gives rise to bone loss.

Some Ways to Avoid Osteoporosis

The more conscious you are of your health, the stronger your bones will be! 

*Source: https://www.omicsonline.org/open-access/to-determine-the-risk-factors-and-prevalence-of-osteoporosis-among-adult-pakistani-population-residing-in-karachi-using-quantitative-ultrasound-technique-2161-0711.1000299.php?aid=29762

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