Use Petroleum Jelly to Solve Dozens of Common Problems


You likely grew up with a jar of a Petroleum Jelly in your home. And what a wonder this balm continues to be: Consumers use it in dozens of ways both inside and outside the home

Take a look at some of the best uses of petroleum jelly to solve several daily common problems, and you’ll never see petroleum jelly the same way again

Here are Some Amazing Petroleum Jelly Uses

Remove Makeup Use Petroleum Jelly

Remove Makeup

Gently massage a little petroleum jelly onto your face, then wipe it off with a soft cloth or a tissue paper.

Protect Metal Tools

Coat the metal parts of bikes, strollers and other metal equipment with petroleum jelly to protect them from rust.

A Better Mani-Pedi Use Petroleum Jelly

A Better Mani-Pedi

Rub a little jelly all around your nails before you apply polish. It will keep the color off your skin.

Keep Things Sliding

Rub the window-curtain rod with a thin coating of petroleum jelly, to help rings slip freely when you open or close the curtain.

Petroleum Jelly for Long Lasting Scent

Petroleum Jelly for Long Lasting Scent

Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly on the areas where you intent to apply the perfume to keep the scent for longer time.

Lube Your Outer Ear

Rub a bit of petroleum jelly for easier earring insertion.

Lube Your Outer Ear Use Petroleum Jelly

Smooth Your Own Rough Edges

If you have dry hands and feet, apply a little petroleum jelly just before bedtime, on the affected areas, then put on socks/gloves. In the morning find soft skin.

Glitter When You Walk

Look super-shiny by mixing a little bit of craft glitter into petroleum jelly and apply it to your face, neck, arms or wherever you want to sparkle.

Love Your Leather Use Petroleum Jelly

Love Your Leather

Shine your leather shoes, or revive a leather jacket, belt or bag with a dab of petroleum jelly, rubbed in with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Grease is the Problem

Apply some petroleum jelly to a hard bicycle chain, and then ride it around to coat the entire chain. Petroleum jelly can also be used on wheels, pedals, bearings and other bike parts.

Wrench off a Ring Use Petroleum Jelly

Wrench off a Ring

If a ring is trapped in your finger you can coat your finger with petroleum jelly and keep tugging, gently.

Keep Suds out of Eyes

Before shampooing your baby’s hair, apply a thick line of petroleum jelly across the forehead above the eyebrows. If any suds dribble down, they’ll be directed away from the eyes.

Guard Your Garden Tools

Wash and dry your trowel, hand rake and other implements, then coat metal parts with a thin layer of petroleum jelly to protect it from rusting.

So, start using this wonder jelly!

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