Smart Ways to Repel Mosquitoes without Spraying


With summer there come mosquitoes, and the scratchy torture of getting bitten by them. The bite of a mosquito can also cause health problems. Store-bought repellents are very effective at repelling bugs, but they are also full of chemicals which have been linked to serious health problems in both adults and children. The good news is, insects are also repelled by natural methods, without using harmful substances

Read on to know about the natural ways to repel mosquitoes without spraying and how they could help you stay bite-free throughout the year.

Check Around Your House for any Standing Water – Even Tiny Amounts

Have a look round your place, and look carefully for any sources of standing water. A female mosquito only requires tiny amounts of water to lay her eggs in, even lid full of rainwater is enough. Gutters that aren’t working properly are a home that mosquitoes find ideal. So make sure all of your pipes are flowing freely.

Destroy Habitats Favorable to Mosquitoes

Look around your property for any loose piles of dry leaves and keep them clear as these are also an ideal breeding ground. Keep grass trimmed as mosquitoes love to hide in overgrown grass land.

Grow Different Flowers, Plants and Herbs Around Doors and Windows

Mosquitoes hate the smell of certain herbs and plants. Having plants at home is also a good idea to keep mosquitoes away, such as candles or sprays. If you are having a barbeque or outdoor event, a couple of sprigs of rosemary placed on the hot coals will keep any mosquitoes away. If you don’t have a garden, you can also grow these herbs in a pot near doors and windows.

Soak Ribbons in Tea Tree Oil and Stick them Around Your Windows and Doors

Mosquitoes and other flying insects hate the smell of tea tree oil. Soak ribbons in tea tree oil, and stick them around your windows and doors to discourage them from entering. You can also use lavender if you don’t like the smell of tea tree oil.

Use Fans Around the Area where You are Sitting

Mosquitoes are very weak flyers and even the breeze of a fan on low setting is enough to keep them away. Keep a fan near you to create a perimeter of moving air around the area where you are sitting to keep the pesky little creatures away.

Avoid Perfume and Strong Smelling Shampoos

The strong smell of perfumes and shampoo attracts mosquitoes. Fabric conditioners or even sunblock will also attract them. Try to wear as little artificial scent as possible.

Use Baby Oil on Your Skin as Often as Possible

Mosquitoes certainly don’t like the smell of baby oil, and they also find it difficult to bite when your skin is covered in oil. Be careful if using baby oil on your skin during the day, it can cause sunburn in direct light.

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