Awesome Tricks to Clean with a Lemon


In some cases the best decisions for no-chemical cleaning are directly before our noses…or may be right in the fridge. While we generally look to lemon as something to juice for lemonade or spritz on our fish, but yeah, this small ball can be an effective cleaning specialist too. Here are some awesome tricks to clean with lemons for a non-toxic cleaning and chemical-free home

1. Use Lemon Juice instead of Bleach

Use Lemon Juice instead of Bleach

Including some (about a cup) of lemon juice to your clothing replaces chlorine bleach and improves the job of brightening the clothes even better. It also leaves an invigorating, lemony aroma on your clothes. Doesn’t that make you upbeat simply thinking about it?

2. Clean Shower Doors

Clean Shower Doors

Slicing through hard water stores is simple with lemon juice. Cut one of these fruits down the middle and rub it over your glass shower ways to evacuate gunk and build-up. On the other hand if you like, you can also take this vegetable and squeeze right on a wipe or sponge and clean the stained spots. Wash with warm water and your entryways will sparkle and smell magnificent!

3. Sparkle Your Faucets

Sparkle Your Faucets

You can use the other portion of that sliced lemon to clean and sparkle the chrome taps and handles on your sink, shower and tub. Rub the cut lemon directly onto the fixtures until spots and stains are removed. Your fittings will look brilliant and sparkly as new!

4. Freshen up and Clean the Dishwasher

Freshen up and Clean the Dishwasher

Does your dishwasher smell strange? Lemon juice can deal with that. Add some lemon juice to any mug or other dishwasher safe utensil and put on the base rack in the dishwasher. Run the wash cycle. Once completed, your dishwasher won’t just be freshened up, yet perfect, as well! That lemon juice will do two jobs at once on your dishwasher.

5. Make Your Own Furniture Polish

Make Your Own Furniture Polish

Why not make hand crafted furniture shine for just pennies? Is this a cash sparing decision as well as it’s a more beneficial choice, as well? Staying away from the chemicals are making your furniture shine with lemons is indeed a smart thought.

  • Here’s a speedy and simple formula for furniture shine: Combine 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 10 drops of lemon essential oil & ½ glass of olive oil (or vegetable oil). Blend well. Add this blend to a shower bottle. Choose the thin mist option on the container to spray on furniture. Wipe clean with a delicate fabric.

6. Clean Glass Surfaces

Clean Glass Surfaces

Much the same as the furniture shiner, glass cleaner can also be made using lemons. This safe, non-toxic cleaner is a decent option in any home, however, particularly one with children and pets.

  • Here’s the simple tip: Mix 3 tablespoons of lemon juice with some rubbing alcohol. Fill a 24-ounce splash bottle. Add water to fill. Utilize this blend to clean glass, mirrors and to sterilize kitchen counters and other dirty surfaces.

7. Clean a Grater

Clean a Grater

Using a grater for cheddar or other thick, sticky items makes cleaning this kitchen utensil a bad dream. Lemons to the salvage! Use a large piece of a lemon, cut side on the grater, to clean away any sticky buildup. Wash with warm water.

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