12 Clever Uses of Petroleum Jelly You Never Knew


When you think of Petroleum jelly, your mind might go straight to the super dry spells we have to endure in Pakistan during the winters. It is weird to think of something that is a by-product of petrol to play such an understated, but an essential part in our day to day lives. It is true, that Petroleum jelly is an amazing lubricant, but it has several other useful yet clever purposes that will have you carrying a jar in your purse at all times. Given below are 12 reasons why Petroleum jelly is our hero and deserves much more credit than we give it. Don’t miss out these cheapest Petroleum jelly uses.

  1. Petroleum jelly can be used as an after shave to soothe the skin and make it supple. Applying it after shave also makes your skin soft and helps prevent ingrown hair. It lets the hair come off the surface of the skin while preventing undergrowth.


  1. It can be used to grow thicker, healthier eyelashes and brows. Apply on the brow bone and on the top of the lid, near the eyelashes.


  1. Beauty contestants and performers apply it to their teeth to prevent lipstick from getting on them. Enjoy your pearly whites!


  1. It can also be used to extract blackheads from the nose. Apply Petroleum jelly to the desired area for five minutes and wrap it with cling film. After 5 minutes, use a tissue paper wrapped around fingers to extract blackheads and watch them come right out.
  2. Mix old, dull eye shadows with Petroleum jelly and turn them into an amazing highly pigmented cream shadow.


  1. Avoid awkward hair dye stains on your forehead by applying petroleum jelly to your forehead before applying the dye.


  1. Have you ever wished your perfume would stay longer than five minutes? Well do not worry. Just apply a dab of vaseline to your wrist and neck before your perfume and it’ll stay on for hours.


  1. Do you want to get rid of the annoying tan lines on your foot you get from wearing flip-flops on a sunny day? Apply Petroleum jelly to your feet every night before bed and wear socks. You will notice the lines fade in a couple of days.


  1. Petroleum jelly can help you get rid of scuff marks off boots and shoes and make them look as good as new.


  1. Petroleum jelly can be used as an eye makeup remover. It is more subtle and less abrasive than normal alcohol based removers. It doesn’t leave the eyes red and burning and makes your skin as soft as of a baby’s.


  1. It is a mani/pedi essential. You can use Petroleum jelly to hydrate your cuticles, especially during the winters. It can also be used to soothe rough and cracked heels and dry elbows.


  1. Have you experienced awkward tan lines you get after a spray tan that makes it look far from natural? Well, not anymore. Apply Petroleum jelly to the areas more prone to tan lines, such as behind the ankles, knees and armpits. Enjoy your natural looking sun kissed skin.
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