Feeling Depressed? Try these Fun Activities


Occasional spells of loneliness are a natural part of life. However, long term sadness, emptiness, and emotional episodes can lead to something much more dangerous, such as depression. It can further cause permanent problems, such as health issues, low self-esteem, and sleeping troubles.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression, then seeking medical help should be on the priority list. While you are at it, here are 5 fun activities to divert your mind.

1.      Befriend the Sun

Feeling Depressed Befriend the Sun

With all the ‘tanning is bad’ propaganda and hectic lifestyle, people prefer to stay indoors. Yet, what they don’t know is that not getting enough sunlight can trigger the melatonin secretion, leading to mood swings. There’s a reason why yellow is the color of happiness and sunshine is a symbol of contentment! Also, winters are often known for bringing out the blues since the nights are longer and sun is away.

2.      Be a Busy Bee

Find your calling and allow it to consume you. It is a well-established fact that when people do what they love, they are considerably happier. If you love to create things, create them all the time. If reading books makes you happy, buy as many books as you can afford. And if the shadows of depression try to engulf you, beat them by throwing your passions at them. For once, forget to practice the pause.

3.      Take a Break

Feeling-Depressed-Take a Break.jpg

Now this might sound contrary to the previous advice but it’s not! We are talking about taking a break from your routine. If you have a 9 to 5 job that is taking its toll on you, then go out once in a while. If that’s not possible, then you can always listen to some soothing music or take a day off from work and do nothing. Catch on with your sleep, treat yourself with good food, just take a long warm bath, or simply go out for a stroll, and enjoy nature. There are various ways to tell yourself that YOU love YOU!  Be kind to yourself, you deserve it.

4.      Friends – Can’t Replace Them!

Man is called a social animal for a reason. We are programmed to long for companionship. Therefore, we need our friends in order to maintain our sanity. Find your tribe and stick to it. Tell jokes, laugh a lot, plan group activities, communicate, and engage.

5.      Staying Fit

Feeling-Depressed-Staying Fit.jpg

This is rather old school but since it works, it should be on your list when fighting off depression. Exercising releases endorphins — the happy hormones. They know how to defeat that constant gloom following you all around. Moreover, avoid too much sugar and caffeine. These are only temporary boosters and end up messing with your system, leading to mood swings.

While you practice the above-mentioned fun activities, do not forget that it is alright to shed a few tears once in a while. In fact, crying might actually help with conquering the depression. Just stay optimistic and live life one moment at a time.

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