Tweets About NickYanka, DeepVeer And Ambani Weddings That Made Us LOL!

Weddings are temporary, tweets are forever!!


Just when you think the biggest Indian weddings are now over, in comes another event. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas hosted their Mumbai reception for Bollywood recently even though they tied the knot right in the beginning of December. All the glitz and glamour aside, what really stayed with us through this whole thing were the hilarious tweets regarding all three weddings of the year. You already know which ones we’re referring to, right?

The following tweets are our personal favourites:

1. This hilarious dig at Salman Khan being a background dancer at the #AmbaniWedding

Because let’s face it, if you’re rich then even Salman Khan will let you have the stage.

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2. This spot-on hashtag suggestion for the Priyanka-Nick weddingJust #NickYanka won’t do anymore, you know?

3. This reality check on all the reactions to the #DeepVeer wedding

If you didn’t do this, what is even wrong with you?

4. This weird crush confession for Hilary Clinton!


5.  This legit condition

Because if you really don’t have as many wedding events as the #DeepVeer, #NickYanka and #Ambanis, then are you even in love?

6. This apt description of the big deal that were the #DeepVeer wedding photos

They made us wait too long.

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7. This not-so-subtle dig at Hilary Clinton’s presence at the #AmbaniWedding

Apparently that was the biggest shocker of the wedding.

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