Common Dreams and What They Supposedly Mean


The human mind is intriguing – there are so many things that we don’t know or can’t explain! The same goes for our dreams. Have you ever wondered if your dream has any deeper meaning? Some say that dreams are your subconscious mind trying to get through to your consciousness and make you aware of what you truly desire or don’t.

Do you know what your dreams could mean? Here are some of the most common dreams with their apparent interpretations.

Dreams about falling

These dreams are usually signs of underlying stress of something not going well in your life. It is a sign of fear.

Dreams about flying

These dreams can have two meanings – on the one hand, they symbolize freedom and independence, while on the other hand, they can represent the desire to escape from reality.

Dreams about infidelity

These dreams can mean that you might not get all you need from your relationship. They also indicate that you might have trust and communication issues in your relationship.

Dreams about taking a test or examination

These dreams might mean that you feel unprepared for the challenges you face in life. They also signify the fear of failure.

Dreams about being chased

Dreams, where a stranger is chasing you, could mean that you are trying to avoid something in your life and can often signify that you are trying to run away from your fears and desires.

Dreams about dying

Dreams about dying might mean that you are fearful of some change coming your way in life. They signify the fear of the unknown.

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