Just Turned 30? Your body will go through these Changes

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Just turned 30? Your body will go through a lot of changes, some good and many bad. You will need to become extra cautious about what you eat, how often you work out, and what lifestyle changes you should adapt. Because now that you are 30, your body will not be as flexible as it was in your 20s. Here are some of the changes that your body will go through in 30s:

Slow Metabolic Rate

As you age, your body will start to slow down. Same is the case with the metabolism. This is the reason why various men and women experience a sudden surge in their weights and find out that losing weight is not as easy as it used to be. Hence, the reason why it is essential to be careful about your diet and exercise.

Hormonal Imbalance & Lowered Fertility

Hormones also start fluctuating once a person hits the 30 year mark. Women see a major difference in their menstruation cycle while men experience a loosening of muscles. Irregular periods and hormonal imbalance makes it difficult for women to conceive. This is why majority women have to take the aid of medical intervention, in order to have babies in their 30s.

Weak Immune System

Once you cross the 30 threshold, you are more at risk of age-related diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, chronic pain etc. This happens because the immune system does not function as well as it used to and germs make take advantage of this deficiency. Plus, the recovery time becomes longer and considerably slower. As a result, person is exposed to not only physical illnesses but mental ones too.

Aging Skin

From skin to hair and nails, everything is affected once you enter your 30’s. You will notice more fine lines on your face, dull complexion, brittle hair, and yellowing of nails. This happens because new skin cell formation slows down considerably, and will continue to do so with age.

Porous Bones

The worst thing to happen though is the onset of osteoporosis or a condition where the bones become porous. This happens because bones’ ability to absorb calcium and vitamin D decreases. Hence, chances of fractures and bone breakage increase.

Declining Oral Health

Oral health is also affected with age. Teeth and gums become somewhat weaker and the concentration of saliva starts dwindling too.

People who enter their 30s need to become more conscious of their health and adopt habits that provide power to their bodies.

Now that you have been forewarned against the changes you will experience, you can take measures to ensure your health is in optimum condition. Tell us what lifestyle changes you plan to make in order to remain healthy and fit!

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