Coffee – An Effective Pain Reliever!


Winters are here and for us Pakistanis it means we can drink more than just one cup of coffee without listening to the usual ‘too warm for our climate’ lecture from our mothers. It is time for us to openly relish one of our favorite drinks in the world. The steaming cup with its rich aroma is always a refreshing experience for us. We actually find a nice cup of coffee rather romantic. However, it is much more than just a comforting hot drink in winters.

Apart from warming our insides, coffee works wonders when it comes to perking us up.

Finding it difficult to open those sleepy eyes in the morning? Devour a cup of coffee.

Can’t concentrate on studying for your late night exam? Get yourself a sizzling cup of coffee.

Coffee – An Effective Pain Reliever!

We have all used it up as a stimulant quite a lot of times. Yet, that is not where the amazing qualities of the wonder drink stop. It has much more to offer.

Coffee Improves Memory

If you want to boost your memory in order to prepare for your exam or an interview more efficiently, coffee is what you need. According to a recent research, two cups of coffee per day can sufficiently improve your long-term memory. Similarly, the drink has been reported to slow down age-induced decline in attention spans and memory. This is what makes this magic drink synonymous with a magical potion.

Coffee – An Effective Pain Reliever!1

However, that is not all. Coffee has another wonderful effects too!

Coffee Is A Highly Effective Pain Reliever!

When we are about to have a severe case of a migraine or a headache, our blood vessels grow in size. A cup of caffeinated drink can reduce their size, preventing the pain effectively. Pairing up a cup of coffee with an aspirin can take care of the pain even after it has started. Researchers believe that the combined effect is around 40% efficient than the aspirin alone would have produced.

Coffee – An Effective Pain Reliever!2

With so many advantages, coffee is definitely something you can rely on during times of stress for seeking comfort, boosting memory, and relieving pain.

Coffee Lover? Try It In Different Forms!

Coffee – An Effective Pain Reliever!9

While all of you know how to brew up a nice cup of coffee or two, there are other ways to use this amazing ingredient in different ways. Following are some amazing ways in which that can make coffee irresistibly delicious:

  1. Espresso Almond Cashew Butter

Instead of using the old plain almond butter, try the espresso-infused almond cashew spread. Use it with waffles, pancakes, oatmeal or eat it with bananas.

  1. Iced Coffee

A warm, steaming mug of coffee is always desirable in winter, but you can make your summers coffeelicious too with iced coffee. Make a cup of coffee, cool it off, top if off with ice cream and some ice cubes, and you are good to go!

  1. Filtered Coffee

Whip up this easy-to-make and delicious drink. All you have to do is filter it via a perforated container. Then mix it with milk and serve foamy.

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