5 Best Foods that Boost Women’s Sexual Health


Looking for a healthy boost in your bedroom? You can benefit yourself and your partner as well from your increased libido. Ever thought of improving your sexual health through food? I am sure no one has ever even thought that food could help improve sexual health and libido.

In the beginning of sex life, women are very active and at times dominant too over men, but with the passage of time from a ‘wild crackers’ they turn into a ‘wet candles’ and it becomes a very difficult task for men to trigger them.

By eating correct food, a woman can boost her sexual health. Isn’t it a great combo of fun and pleasure? Here are a few foods that may help improve your sexual health.

1. Almonds and Walnuts


These nuts are the powerhouses of energy. They are a rich source of nutrients and minerals that are important for sexual health, including zinc, and Vitamin E. They are also considered as a fertility booster, so if you are planning to have a baby start snacking ladies.

2. Strawberries


Don’t even think about turning your face from these mouth-watering berries as they are an amazing source of Vitamin B, which is linked to high sperm count in men. Give yourself a bit more trouble and coat them with chocolate, which will make them beneficial for women.

3. Sweet Potato

sweet potato

Before going to bed, have a plate of sweet potato with a sprinkle of cinnamon and salt over it. This starchy rich food is a great source of Vitamin C, that helps fight aging and produces energy boosting iron in your body. They also contain Vitamin A that helps combat infertility.

4. Watermelon


Hold a knife in your hand, and cut this green ball into pieces. Pick up one juicy slice of watermelon and in no time slurp it. Ah, it does sound sexy, no? Researchers found that watermelon contains citrulline and beta-carotene that help relax your blood vessels, which end up naturally reviving up your sex drive.

5. Avocado

Sliced avocado on a cutting board

To have a great night, all you need is a revved up libido and a great amount of energy, and for that reason, avocado can be the best help. Avocados are loaded with monounsaturated fats, libido boosting vitamin B6, folic acid, and above all Vitamin E, which is at times called ‘sex vitamin’. So without wasting a second get your hands on this magical fruit.

So, to make things happen between you and your partner, spice things up with these sex boosting foods and improve your sex life without much of an effort. Apart from taking pills, improve your diet and trust me, majority of your Health Issues will be solved.

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