Which Pakistani Food suits your Zodiac Sign


We Pakistanis love binge eating all the mouth-watering foods available to us. Thanks to our cultural diversity that we have so many options to indulge in. To pick your food in an interesting way we decided to guess which Pakistani food suits your personality according to the zodiac sign.

Aries: Spicy Chicken Karhai

According to your characteristics, your spirit food is karahi. As an Aries, you like spicy food paired with chicken which is loaded with chilies and masalas to push your boundary. This food perfectly suits the traits of your zodiac sign.

Taurus: Jalebi

Taurus always craves sweets. Whether it’s a good day or a bad day, Taurus always looks for sweet and what’s better than sweet and crispy jalebi to satisfy the cravings.

Gemini: Basin ki Roti with Podini ki Chatni

Geminis love light airy food that is non-fired. So, basin roti is a perfect food for them to binge on. This light food with chatni is an ideal choice for them.

Cancer: Anday Wala Burger

One can never go wrong with street food and Cancer loves all sorts of street food especially anday wala burger. The filling is the perfect blend of egg, spice with bun.

Leo: Chicken Cheese Roll

Leos are very choosy which it comes to eating food. They demand something extremely tasty to satisfy their cravings hence chicken cheese roll. It’s like this food was the only thing missing in their life.

Virgo: Achari Gosht

Virgos are perfectionists and they want their food to be perfect, in terms of spice flavour. So, a food like an achar gosht is perfect for their taste. It is a balanced combination between spicy and sour.

Libra: Ghulab Jamun


The food that completely goes with Libra’s sweet and fun personality is gulab jamun. It is full of sweetness which completely resonates with their personality.

Scorpio: Channa Chaat

Food that suits Scorpio’s personality is the famous Pakistani snack channa chat with papar. They love a hint of crunch with lots of sweet and sour taste in every bite.

Sagittarius: Pani Puri

Sagittarius’s favorite Pakistani snack is pani puri. They love tangy street foods that are chatpatta in flavor.

Capricorn: Keemay Ka Samosa

What can go wrong with keema ka samosa? I know, Nothing! Capricorn loves keema ka samosa which is fried and filled with keema mixture and spices.

Aquarius: Halwa Poori

Aquarians loves sweet which are extremely filling to the stomach, hence halwa poori.

Pisces: Aloo K Pakoray

Pisceans love easy comfort foods that are mild in flavors like aloo k pakoras, which are very satisfactory.

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