Have you been feeling bloated lately? Do you feel like by the time you go to bed your tummy is twice of what it was when you woke up? Is your protruding tummy becoming a source of embarrassment for you? Do not give up. Beat your bloat, fight your indigestion and boost your metabolism with these foods



Onions are prebiotic food; hence, when you consume such food, they induce the formation of butyrate, a wonder drug that increases insulin sensitivity in your body. By doing this, it accelerates fat burning. Now that summer has arrived, you can easily pop some onions on the grill. You can also drizzle them with olive oil, salt and pepper. Cook until golden and let the fat burn.

2. Leafy greens

leaf greens

Want to know the winners of the fat-burning battle? It is undoubtedly bok-choy, spinach, kale and the rest of the family of green leaves. They are not only crammed with digestion-helping fibers, but they also help enhance the diversity of healthy bacteria in the gut. Do not be put off by their specific taste. Use your imagination to incorporate the leafy greens in your diet to help burn belly fat. Eat a spinach salad for lunch, or add sautéed kale to scrambled eggs.

3. Garlic


You must be wondering “Won’t it be counterintuitive to feed microbiome foods with antimicrobial properties?” that is something to wonder about with garlic. But, studies have proven that garlic only fights off the bad bacteria, the ones that cause inflammation. It leaves the good bacteria strong and intact. Another pro with eating garlic is that it is jam-packed with inulin. Inulin is the fiber that helps with digestion and also stabilizes blood sugar. You can stir garlic powder on your meals of fish and chicken, you can also chop some fresh garlic and add it to tomato-mozzarella salads.

4. Green Tea

green tea

This is a popular and a must component of people’s diets who want to trim their waistline. It is a mild beverage that works wonders not just for your tummy, but also for fighting inflammation in the body. It’s great benefits root from the flavonoids they contain. The flavonoids have anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea contains a special compound known as EGCG. This is the compound that helps burn body fat. Drink it first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to sleep and look for alterations in your tummy inches!

5. Apple Cider Vineger


ACV is one of those condiments that you pass by at the grocery store, but do not buy unless you need it for a recipe. That is unfortunate though, because one shot of ACV a day is just what you may need to get your body to work in the right direction. The hero of ACV is Acetic acid. Acetic acid is what boosts your insulin sensitivity, controls appetite and induces protein formation in the body that helps burn fat.

If you couple these foods with fat-burning exercise, you will see much faster results. A 20 minutes of cardio and strength every day will do the job. The best exercise for abs and tummy fat is plank! Plank for about 2 minutes every day. Make sure your position is right while you are doing it. Your bottom should be on the right level and you should be consistent. If you want to burn lower tummy mass, look for plank exercises on You Tube to guide you further.

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