7 foods to help lower uric acid levels


High levels of uric acid in the body are responsible for a condition called gout (a form of arthritis). Gout is a painful condition characterized by sudden onset of severe attacks of pain, inflammation, redness and tenderness in joints, most common site being the big toe. Gout is more often encountered by men.

Most people with high uric acid levels don’t necessarily develop gout. It is when the uric acid levels become high enough and form crystals that gout occurs.

Net increase in uric acid levels is caused either when there is increased production of it in the body, or in case of decreased elimination of it. The following factors may increase uric acid levels in the body:

  • Diuretics
  • Increased alcohol intake
  • Genetic predisposition
  • A condition called hypothyroidism
  • Immune-suppressants
  • Obesity
  • Vitamin B3 (also known as niacin)
  • Diet rich in purine (organ meat, gravy, dried beans, mushrooms)
  • Renal insufficiency – decreased function of the kidneys in filtering and getting rid of waste

Here are some foods that can help decrease high uric acid levels.


Bananas have been proven great when it comes to lowering uric acid levels. A form of diet for patients with gout or other type of arthritis is the “banana-only” diet.

In this diet, eight to nine bananas are to be taken in a day, and this has to be continued for three to four days, to alleviate the signs and symptoms of inflammation as well as swelling of joints associated with gout and other forms of arthritis.


Apart from bananas, another naturally occurring produce to help combat high levels of the said chemical compound in the body are strawberries. They’re delicious when eaten directly, and in case one is not fond of its taste, they can always enjoy a smoothie!


Apples are rich in malic acid. This acid nullifies the effects of uric acid by neutralizing it, consequently providing relief to the sufferers. It is recommended to consume one apple a day to make good use of its benefits, especially in this regard.


Cherries are known to contain anthocyanin, which is an anti-inflammatory substance. It prevents uric acid levels from rising and also prevents crystallization of the chemical compound.

Hence, consequently, the chances of deposition of crystals of uric acids in the joints and causing gout or any other sort of inflammation are markedly reduced. It helps with the inflammation and pain by also neutralizing the acid. The recommended daily dose of cherries to bring down uric acid levels is 200 grams.


Water is essential for all things living. It helps with gout by removing toxins and flushing out excess uric acid from the body. Recommended daily intake of water is 10-12 glasses daily.


An important and easy home remedy to lower uric acid levels is carrot juice mixed with beetroot and cucumber juice.


According to University of Maryland Medical Centre, foods crammed with fiber greatly help in lowering the levels of the chemical compound, uric acid.

We can find a world of remedies in these delicious foods. It’s all about having the will to explore them.

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