Shea Butter: Beauty Benefits for Skin and Hair


If you are looking for an unlimited natural beauty product for your skin or hair, then shea butter is a brilliant choice.  Let’s have a look at the beauty benefits of shea butter for your skin and hair.

Good for Acne

Shea butter is worthy at treating acne. It also comforts and reduces the appearance of redness and scarring caused by acne. If you use acne-related skincare products, chances are they contain retinol (vitamin A). Whereas, shea butter is naturally rich in vitamin A, so if it bothers you to use harsh chemicals for getting rid of your acne, shea butter deals a natural different with the same retinol-rich properties.

Shea Butter for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks normally occur during pregnancy but can occur after rapid weight gain. Shea butter helps keep the skin hydrated naturally. Research has revealed that it can help increase collagen production, thus reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Reduces Wrinkles

It also provides essential nourishing for the skin which aids the skin to look smoother and healthier. One study showed that shea butter clearly reduced the signs of aging in the participants.

Chapped Lips

Shea butter is soothing, which means it can soften or relax the skin, and can be used to heal chapped lips. The soothing properties of this ingredient act as a protecting barrier by contributing and retaining moisture in the lips and skin.

Here are more remedies for dry and chapped lips.

Shea Butter Hair Conditioner

It works really well as a hair conditioner and the best thing is that it won’t leave your hair looking or feeling oily. It can help protect your hair from drying out in hot conditions and reduce frizzy hair. Since shea butter melts at body temperature, you can rub it between your fingers to break it down into oil form. Or you can mix it with other natural oils for hair to create a blend that is easier to apply to your hair. Try to cover as much as possible, then brush your hair to make sure that all edges of hair are coated.

Scalp Care

This ingredient works for dry scalp and helps soothe the scalp. To help get and keep a healthy scalp, you can use shea butter hair mask.

  • To do this, mildly heat some shea butter so it has just fluid
  • You can even do this by letting some melt in the palms of your hands.
  • Using your fingers, rub some it onto your scalp & leave it for about 20-30 minutes.
  • Then wash out.

Prevents Hair Loss

It also helps promote hair growth and even prevent hair damage and hair loss, because it contains plant-derived phytonutrients. These nutrients guard your hair from damaging UV rays, harmful pollutants in the air, and even chlorine in swimming pools.

Applying shea butter masks regularly on your hair with other good-for-hair ingredients such as coconut oil, castor oil, egg yolk, and honey will reinforce your hair and reduce damage/loss.

In order to make sure that you get the best benefits of shea butter, it is essential to only use high-quality one So, always look for raw or unrefined virgin organic shea butter.

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