Homemade Night Creams for the Skin That Gleams

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Night creams are some of the most ignored and underrated beauty items. People, particularly women simply do not realize their worth and importance. Research1 suggests that with regular use of the night cream, your skin can rejuvenate itself and increase the ability of cells to renew quickly

The problem is, most night creams are not only very expensive, but they are also loaded with chemicals that can harm your skin instead of making it look and feel better

Does that mean you shouldn’t use them at all? What’s the solution? The answer is simple. You make your own homemade night cream and use it religiously

Here are some easy and effective methods for making homemade night creams:

1.      Olive Oil Concoction

Olive oil is literally miraculous, hence the reason why it is the perfect source of hydration for your skin. How can you convert it to a night cream? It’s very simple.

Homemade Night Creams for the Skin That Gleams1

Take a saucepan, add all the ingredients to it, and mix well. Let cool and then store in a jar. This can easily last for about 2-3 months. Just make sure you use it on clean, dry face regularly. You will see a visible difference in the elasticity and clarity of your skin within a short period! Store at room temperature.

2.      Apple Grapeseed Oil Night Cream

This is the perfect night cream for aged and damaged skin. It will help in the restoration of all the flaws in your skin, making it look healthier and prettier. Here is how you can make this homemade night cream.

Homemade Night Creams for the Skin That Gleams2

Add apple and blend it with grapeseed oil. Once it becomes smooth, put it in a double boiler and add nutmeg. Mix well, let cool, and then add rose water as well as honey. Add to a jar and store in the refrigerator. Apply to clean and dry face just before going to bed. Make sure you let it dry before lying down. Wash off with water and gentle soap in the morning.

3.      Almond Oil Glycerin Night Cream

This homemade night cream works particularly well for the winter seasons as it helps in retaining the moisture of your skin and fights dryness, making your skin look fresh and supple at all times. You can make it easily right at home.

Homemade Night Creams for the Skin That Gleams3

In a double boiler, add almond oil and then coconut oil. Once the oils are slightly warm, add in rose water and glycerin. Let simmer for 30 seconds and then filter. Let the concoction cool and fill in a jar. You can store it at room temperature and use every night to see the difference.

So, which one of these homemade night creams are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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