4 Turmeric Powder Hair Masks for Shinier Hair


Apart from adding fluorescent yellow color and flavor to the food, turmeric has powerful amazing beauty benefits.

Did you know turmeric contains curcumin? This is a magic ingredient that can help you deal with various hair issues. Here’s why a turmeric mask is a solution for your hair:

  1. Treats dandruff
  2. Prevents hair loss
  3. Nourishes the scalp
  4. Promotes hair growth

Turmeric + Coconut Oil 

  • Mix 1 tsp turmeric powder with 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • Apply the paste on your hair and let it stay for 20 minutes
  • Wash your hair with shampoo and lukewarm water

Coconut oil stimulates hair growth, improves blood flow, and hair density, and thickness. Paired with turmeric it can easily combat dandruff.

Turmeric + Honey

  • Mix ½ tsp of powdered turmeric with 2 tbsp of honey
  • Apply the paste on your locks
  • Rinse off using a gentle shampoo after 15 minutes

Honey is known as a great moisturizer which automatically means no dry scalp or dandruff. It also treats hair loss, hair damage and baldness, and alopecia.

Turmeric + Aloe Vera Gel 

  • Add 1 tsp turmeric powder with 3 tbsp aloe vera
  • Mask up the mix onto your hair
  • Wash it off with shampoo after 20-25 minutes

Aloe vera mixed with turmeric powder, when rubbed into the scalp can improve dry and damaged hair.

Turmeric + Egg Yolk

  • Mix one egg yolk with ½ tsp of turmeric powder
  • Apply the paste to your hair
  • Wash off with lukewarm water after 20 minutes
  • Use clarifying shampoo if your hair feels too sticky

Eggs are rich in protein which means it stimulates hair growth. And, turmeric has great properties to protect hair from dandruff and hair loss.


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