Post COVID-19 Effects on Skin and Hair


As the effect of COVID-19 progresses, we are seeing more and more reports on the effect of Covid-19 disease on hair and skin. People from all around the world have shared different experiences like skin rashes, loss of hair, COVID toes, and much more.

People may think that these effects are myths but that’s not true. COVID effects on skin and hair are real. These symptoms may appear soon after infection or may arise later. But don’t worry, most of it gets better with time. You can easily deal with the COVID-19 effect on skin and hair by following these 5 remedies below:

Skin Becomes Excessively Dry and Flaky

During COVID-19 infection it is very likely that the skin becomes dry and flaky, which is very common.

What will help:

Stay hydrated and use gentle skincare products.

Rashes On Thigh, Hands, or Around the Neck

These rashes appear at the same time as other symptoms but are associated with severe cases only. These rashes are small red bumps and can be itchy. But, this will get clear within ten days.

What will help:

Moisturize twice a day.

Tired and Red Eyes

This appears at the same time as other symptoms and during severe cases only, where the white part of the eyes gets red and extremely tired.

What will help:

Use prescribed eye drops and catch up on sleep as much as you can.

Discoloration Around the Toes

This appears later in the disease and may be painful and itchy. But this can be healed over time.

What will help:

Use hydrocortisone cream.

Hair Fall More Than Usual

Noticing hair fall is the most common disease. It is mainly caused because of covid stress and anxiety.

What will help:

Take iron supplements

Do not self-diagnose or self-medicate. Always make sure to consult a doctor before applying these products




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