Vitamins and Supplements

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Vitamins and minerals are necessary for the sustenance of life. Even though they are required in minute quantities by the body, the modern-day diet doesn’t usually fulfill this requirement. Hence, vitamin and mineral supplements, in the form of pills, can be taken to fulfill the daily requirement.


The leading causes of vitamin and mineral deficiency are:

  • Decreased intake in the diet
  • Decreased absorption from the gut
  • Increased requirement in the body (pregnancy)
  • Chronic diseases
  • Cancer


There are a multitude of signs and symptoms that surface when the body is not receiving enough vitamins and minerals, some of which are:

  • Anemia
  • Night blindness
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Hair loss
  • Brittle nails
  • Lusterless skin


The diagnosis is made by the patient’s history, especially nutritional history.


For the treatment of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, there are some supplements available in the market, that can fulfill the daily requirement of these vitamins and minerals.

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