Tips to Survive This Heatwave


With the heat beating down on us mercilessly, we need to remember that it is not to be taken lightly. In the last couple of years, many have lost their lives to heat strokes across Pakistan, and we must protect ourselves and others as much as we can.

Here are some precautions you and your loved ones can remind each other to take.

Cover your head

Ensuring your head isn’t exposed to the sun is extremely important. The direct sun can cause nausea, headaches, fevers and blackouts.

Carry caps, scarves, umbrellas or anything else that will keep your head covered.

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Stay hydrated

Carry water with you. At. All. Times. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of illness and death during heatwaves. Carry ice cold water and make sure you keep some bottles in the fridge in case your family members need to go out.

Wear light-colored clothing

Avoid dark colors and stick to light colors so that the heat can be reflected off you as much as possible. If your clothes absorb and trap heat, it will cause your body temperature to rise and you might fall victim to a heatstroke.

Keep family members on speed dial

If you’re starting to feel under the weather, it’s crucial to contact a family member who can come get you immediately.

Keep your emergency contacts on speed dial. If you’re unable to get through, tell someone around you that you’re not okay or call an ambulance at 1020 for Chhipa or 115 for Edhi.

Stay inside as much as possible

The heat outside is unbearable, so if you can, avoid going out. But if you must, it is absolutely vital that you stay in shaded areas as much as possible.

Direct exposure to the sun is extremely dangerous during a heatwave.

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Avoid bike travel

The traffic situation in the city is wild these days, so there’s the risk of getting stuck under the sun for long periods of time. While bike travel is affordable for a large chunk of people in the country, try carpooling or other means of public transport so you don’t get caught in the heat!

Take care of animals and pets

If you have pets, try to keep them in rooms that are cool. Talk to your vet about trimming or shaving your pet if it has thick hair. And for any strays, you can leave out bowls of cold water.

Stay safe and stay hydrated!

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