5 Local Travel Bloggers You Need to Follow

We live in a beautiful country and have a lot to show for it.


With the new government revamping Pakistan in a lot of ways, the tourism industry has been one area of focus. Of course, this promotion of tourism is more than welcome. We live in a beautiful country and have a lot to show for it.

However, it didn’t sit well with us when Pakistan Tourism Summit was held and only foreign travel influencers were invited to speak at the event. This erasure of our local travel bloggers in favor of foreigners visiting is uncalled for, especially since we have quite many doing some beautiful work.

So here is a list of local travel influencers who could have been invited for the summit:

1. @patangeer

This breathtaking blog is run by Amtul Baweja and Fahad Tariq Khan. The two have been traveling across Pakistan and giving us some serious travel envy. Their videography and photography are vibrant and in addition to showing us the beauty of Pakistan, they’re giving us some MAJOR couple goals.

2. @girlwithgreenpassport

Anam Hakeem’s blog sends tingles through our bodies for so many reasons! Her wanderlust takes us through some enchanting moments in Karachi, Naran, Kalash and even foreign countries. Not to mention her soft autumn hues Instagram aesthetic is to die for! It doesn’t look like anything will be stopping her any time soon.

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3. @hunzaonfoot

Naveed Khan’s blogger bio boasts of his 5,100km walk across Pakistan and has endless breathtaking views of Pakistan’s snowy mountains, starry skies, huts, lakes and the people he meets along the way. One never gets tired of scrolling down his feed. And his pet dog Athena, who travels with him, is just an extra treat we encounter every now and then!

4. @mystapaki

While there are so many blogs dedicated to exploring the endless and enchanting north of Pakistan, Bilal Hassan takes us on a journey through Sindh, and Karachi seems to be one of his favorites. He reminds us that beauty can be found everywhere and takes us to places that we’ve seen but not explored enough.

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Postcards from Kemari; located right under the Native Jetty Bridge is this little pier. It’s nothing fancy, unlike the nearby pier at Port Grand. However it’s hands down much livelier. Sitting right in the middle of the pier was a hawker selling food items for the birds flying above; like any other public space in the city there were the occasional romantics, both young and old. The halal police wasn’t far off either you could see them closely monitoring/judging the couples in one corner. On the sidelines there were a bunch of kids playing with the pigeons, while their mothers were sipping chai and catching up on the latest gossip. This place is a microcosmic representation of what life is like in most public spaces in the city.

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5. @ferozagulzar

Fantastic photography plus travel blogging is something we live for. And Feroza Gulzar has combined the two and blessed us. We can hardly handle the way she captures Lahore, Quetta, Karachi, other parts of Sindh, Passu, and countless other places. Each post takes our breath away.

So, if you aren’t already following these blogs, you are definitely missing out. We’re hoping that the PTI Minister of Tourism will recognize the incredible work being done by our very own bloggers and give them their rightful place in any tourism summits to come!


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