8 Signs That Say You’re Too Privileged to Worry About Your Drinking Water

With the World Water Day being observed on March 22, here is how you can check your privilege


It is no secret that Pakistan is facing a water crisis. The country is not just dealing with an acute water shortage but also has contaminated water streams, making consumption of uncontaminated fresh water a privilege. But do many even realize that they are the privileged few who don’t have to worry about their water consumption?

With the World Water Day being observed on March 22, here is how you can check your privilege.

1. You don’t find yourself walking for miles to get some drinking water

Usually you just need to walk to the kitchen or fridge for some hydration.

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2. You don’t really need to worry about whether you’ll run out of drinking water

It usually just… shows up at your house and… that’s pretty much it?

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3. Boiling water before drinking it isn’t something you’re familiar with

Don’t we just boil water for… Maggi?

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4. You own one of these

5. You don’t have to give up showers so you have water to drink and cook with later

In fact, you’re ready to get into your self-care bath for the week with scented candles for some aroma therapy and some soothing bath salts.

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6. You go around telling people how detox citrus water is waaay better than regular water

All you need to do is buy large lemons, slice them into a bottle of cold water, and not worry about anything. Especially not whether your drinking water might be contaminated and give you food poisoning or something worse.

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7. Your pet has more access to fresh water than most humans in the world

It only deserves the finest, of course.


8. You let the water run whenever you’re brushing your teeth or doing a quick face scrub

Because there is obviously a magical water tank in the sky that never runs out.


Jokes aside, it’s important to remember we’re in a crisis. This World Water Day, I want to remind you Pakistan ranks number nine in the list of top 10 countries with lowest access to clean water where 21 million out of the total population of 207 million, not having access to clean water. This horrifying violation of human rights needs to be given immediate attention by the government and us.

Reach out to NGOs working for this cause and do your part. And don’t waste water! It’s a luxury many of us take for granted.

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