HTV: Celebrating 5 years of health and wellness


Today, HTV celebrates its 5th anniversary – five years of progress, development, trends and healthy wellness. These years would not have been made possible without the loyal viewership this channel enjoys and, thus, this celebration is of the channel as well as the audience.

Be it the quirky effectiveness of Subah Kay Dus, the morning show, or the traditional yet authentic medical advice from Tib-e-NabwiHTV Stands for – Health Taste and Vitality has brought only the best for its audiences. It has given them medical solutions through Clinic Online, jolts of laughter through Common Sense and doses of solemn retrospect through programs like Sehat Agenda and Hum Nay Kiya Seekha.

HTV is the people’s channel, because it shows what people what to see, and that is why the feedback that people give is not only precious to the channel but is fundamental towards HTV’s progress.

Having a variety of media at its disposal, from TV to radio to online, H has managed to maintain an array of heterogeneous audiences, for whom this channel has been a ray of hope and a harbinger of wellness and healthy lifestyle.

At H, people really do change lives, and it is this passion which drives HTV’s dedicated employees.

HTV is Pakistan’s first health and lifestyle channel functioning 24/7 where all the content solely focuses on health and lifestyle. HTV has been introducing different forms of health and lifestyle based programs to its audience over the past 5 years, and with their support, it will continue to do so for many years to come.

According to the CEO of the H channel,

“At HTV, we are striving to change the media landscape in Pakistan by offering a unique blend of programs encircling two properties, entertainment and education. Our vision has always been to educate people through enlightening information towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and in order to make H< every Pakistani’s first choice in infotainment on Health and Lifestyle, we need your feedback using the various tools we have provided you with (email, social media). We encourage you towards a healthier lifestyle.”

Here’s to wishing H a hearty congratulation on all that it has achieved so far and a sincere good luck wish to all the progress it’ll achieve in the coming years.

Happy Anniversary!

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