A panty liner a day, brings freshness your way!


If there’s anything women hate while traveling, more than periods, it has got to be non-period daily discharge. That discomfort that one feels down there isn’t exactly the best feeling in the world. So much for putting on a mix of perfumes to feel fresh and smelling like roses when everything else is far from it.

If only there were a magic wand to get rid of the not-so-dry situation you’ve got going on!

Actually, wait! Scratch that! Doing away with it is not a solution because daily discharge is your vagina’s way of self-cleansing, which in turn saves you from dryness-based conditions.

Hence, the only way to go is to deal with it! And what better way to do so than Butterfly’s all-in-one solution: *drumroll* PANTY LINERS! These cutely packed panty liners not only prove to be the ideal solution for your problem, in fact, but they also prove to be more than what they are promised for.

A lightweight, easy-to-wear Butterfly Panty Liner not only helps you deal with daily discharge but can also be used for early period spotting, controlling odor by neutralizing it and keeping your skin soft and perfect. So, when you’re on-the-go, the panty liner takes care of the rest so you stay fresh throughout the day.

You want to know something cooler? Butterfly Panty Liners are also breathable, which means no rashes, no odor, and of course, all-day freshness! There’s more: Butterfly Panty Liners are so thin and lightweight that you’d hardly realize they’re even there.

Long story short, Butterfly’s Panty Liner Pack comes with 20 long liners, good enough to last you a whole trip and then some more!

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So beautiful, don’t forget to carry these personal hygiene essentials in your bag especially while on the go!

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