Top 10 Stress Reducing Foods

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In this competitive and fast running world everyone is surrounded by millions of worries. Every morning, we witness some people cramming from their notes as they have to clear their tests, some people rushing to their offices as they will be losing a handsome amount from their salary, some people all pale and in despair as they couldn’t manage to meet the deadline of their assignments and we also see mothers in a hurry as they have to prepare breakfast from their families. This world indeed a wrestling ring where everyone is punching, slapping, kicking and pushing each other just to get that one golden belt. I find this reality very sad that why life is so difficult but we can’t help it because this is what actually life is

In this really busy and hectic life, everyone, whether t a student or a bachelor, a house wife or a working woman, a clerk or a boss, faces tremendous amount of stress everywhere. Some calmly fight with stress while some give up by attempting suicides. In the last decade, the number of suicides has badly increased large number of people have started seeing psychologists only because they are unable to tackle with their stress

Apart from attempting suicide or seeing a psychologist, do you know stress can be relieved by eating some foods? Isn’t it amazing? There are foods that help you stabilize your blood sugar and emotional response which end up relaxing you

1.Leafy Greens

leaf greens

If we talk about green color only, according to color psychology green color helps to reduce one’s stress. People with health issues are recommended to color their wall in green. Apart from advantages of green color, green leafy vegetables have long list of advantages. Spinach, mint, parsley, Kale etc contains chemicals which help to relax our brain.



Oatmeal  is another good food that helps lower stress. According to research, oatmeal helps the brain make serotonin the same substance that is regulated by antidepressants. You can lose your weight along with relaxing yourself by using oatmeal.



Salmon makes your body produce hormones which help lower your anxiety. It contains Omega 3 which counteracts the bad effects of stress hormone.


ble beeries

Berries work as antidepressant to fight stress. Berries contain antioxidants which help your body fight with stress related radicals.



One of the researchers suggest that people suffering from stress and anxiety should be encouraged to eat pistachio as doing something repetitive with your hands in a rhythm helps lower stress. Apart from that, pistachios help lower blood pressure and heart rate which reduce stress as well.

6.Dark Chocolate

dark choclate

It is believed that eating something sweet makes you happy and if you are offered to eat chocolate than definitely you will no longer be in anxiety or stress. Cocoa in dark chocolate contains antioxidants taht help in reducing stress by lowering blood pressure.



Milk is a complete package of nutrients. It is a great source of Vitamin D. According to many researches, Vitamin D boosts happiness in a human body and fights with stress and anxiety.



Flaxseeds and other seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals. These seeds are rich source of magnesium and according to researches magnesium is a great source of lowering anxiety and stress. Magnesium fights with depression and anxiety, end up relaxing human body.



Orange juice is said to contain chemicals that lower blood pressure. Orange juice contains Vitamin C which produces chemicals that fight stress related hormones, ending up relaxing a human mind and body.



Munching on almonds produces Vitamins in the body that fight negative effects of stress related hormones. Almond is a great food to eat in anxiety as in a short span of time this food help in lowering your anxiety.


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