Are you An Emotional Eater?


Do you find yourself running to the fridge when you are feeling down or otherwise upset? If yes, then this is what emotional eating is. One tries to find comfort in food when they are stressed and this is common. Yes, people often turn to food when they’re stressed out, lonely, sad, anxious, or bored.

Although, after this eating spree, some people even feel guilty and ashamed. This creates a cycle of emotional eating, leading to weight gain because of excess eating. So, how do you cope up with emotional eating? Read on to find out how you can cope with emotional eating.

Find another way of coping with your stress

You can start writing a diary or indulge in an activity that makes you feel good about yourself.

Indulge in any physical activity

Go for a jog or run as this might help in particularly emotional situations.


Some deep breathing exercises. Sitting in a quiet place while focusing on your breathing works wonders.

Remove the comfort food from your home

Out of sight is out of mind. So, with no comfort food stacked at home, you are less likely to fail for emotional eating.

Seek Help

In emotional situations, avoid being alone. Be around friends and family as they may help in lifting up your mood.

Get Professional Guidance

While being around family and friends may help you curb your emotional eating. It is recommended to seek professional guidance.


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