Amazing Benefits of Gooseberry (Amla)


Gooseberry or Amla is rich in vitamin C thus it is good for skin and also helps with food absorption and digestion. Amla tree ripens usually by autumn and it tastes sour. Not everyone likes Amla, one has to develop the taste for it. Amla has a lot of benefits which are mentioned below for your knowledge and use. Scroll down to read about amla benefits.

1. Beneficial for Hair

Amla is used in many hair products, because it helps boost hair growth. It makes your hair thick and also strengthens them. This is the reason why Amla oil is pretty commonly used around the world.

2. Healthy Reproductive Response

Amla also helps improve the reproductive health of both men and women. It makes it a lot easier for women to conceive. For men, amla improves the quality of semen.

Healthy Reproductive Response Gooseberry

3. Slow Ageing with Amla

Oxidants and other radicals make you look older than your age. Amla as an anti-oxidant makes you appear younger. It also protects our body from radiations and side effects of UV light.

4. Respiratory Disorders

Indian gooseberry has been known over the years for the treatment of respiratory disorders. It is used in herbal medicines to cure common cold and cough due to high content of vitamin C. Amla also boosts immunity which helps our body fight against throat infections. Gooseberry helps get rid of the symptoms that lead to asthma. It also treats tuberculosis and chronic cough.

5. Calcium

Calcium levels are quite low in a lot of women in Pakistan. This is due to low levels of vitamin D. Amla has properties that help in absorption of calcium.

Respiratory Disorders with Gooseberry

6. Menstrual Cramps

Gooseberry has minerals and vitamins that combine to work together against menstrual cramps. It takes time for the entire process to work, so it is better to consume Amla regularly to play safe.

7. Control Diabetes with Amla

Amla stimulate the cells that produce insulin thus keep the blood sugar level balanced. It reduces sugar levels in diabetic patients. Taking amla twice a day can easily fix your problems by decreasing albumin levels which lead to lowering of sugar levels. Extra glucose is also used by functional cells to increase metabolism level which makes you more energetic. Amla also lowers the bad cholesterol level in our body and stimulates beta blockers which lead to a health heart.

Control Diabetes with Amla

8. Digestion

Gooseberry is high in fiber. This improves the bowel movements that eventually help improve digestion. Good bowel movements exclude the chance of getting constipation or diarrhea. Amla improves the secretion of gastric juices which help in absorption of nutrients and minerals.

9. Healthy Cardio Vascular System

Amla helps strengthen heart muscles. It reduces the bad cholesterol levels which reduce the chances of getting atherosclerosis and strokes.

10. Cancer Treatment with Amla

The antioxidants present in Amla, eradicate the free radicals from our body which reduces the chances of getting cancers. Amla also restricts the growth and increase of carcinogenic cells. It also counteracts the side effects of medicines taken to treat cancer.

Gooseberry for Skin Care

11. Gooseberry for Skin Care

Amla works amazingly for skin. You can mash it up or use its powder form. It reduces acne and pimples. Gooseberry also reduces skin irritation and blemishes. Amla can be used to make a paste and then later used to cleanse your face. The radicals in our environment make our skin appear dull. Gooseberry has antioxidants which brightens our skin.

12. Reduces Pigmentation

The high vitamin C content in Amla flushes out all the toxins and metals from our body therefore, helping in reducing the appearance of blemishes on our skin.

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