6 foods to help you during menstruation


This is probably the worst time of every month for any girl who has crossed the pubescent years. Despite being an adult and encountering this for years and having it for at least a week on a monthly basis, you’re still never really prepared for it.

Every month you’re tossed at the same cramps, bloating, fatigue, cravings and of course major premenstrual syndrome (PMS) – the crazy random mood swings. So, even though you know, all this is likely to happen all over again next month, you can try something new the next month.

Here are the six foods that make “that time of the month” easier for you to handle.


Citrus is known to help calm down with stress and anxiety but the wonders of it just doesn’t stop there. Recent studies have proved that women who have a greater intake on the amount of calcium and Vitamin D in their lives, are more likely to find decreased extreme PMS symptoms. Reason being is calcium lessens depression and restless emotional state in the brain. On the other hand, vitamin D controls the enzyme that transform tryptophan into serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that helps to control the mood swings. If you can’t stand to eat oranges or anything citrus, another enriched source of these vitamins can be found in yogurt, which also has minerals that stimulate healthy digestion.


This may probably sound like the least favorite thing you would like to eat during these days, but it surely is important. It is essential to have sufficient amount of lean protein and fiber during your period, as it will aid to keep your blood-sugar stable. This will also then help you fight back on your cravings for stuff that can leave you looking like a blob after your period. Pair up almond butter with a slice of apple or a sliced pear when your midafternoon or late night hunger kicks in to have a bite.


Even in the food chart, whole grains or grains itself are especially important to have. Whole grains are packed with loads of health benefits. They are rich as a source of magnesium, which helps to prevent muscle tension. It also has B and E vitamins that prove to be able to fight off fatigue and depression. Now, no one is telling you to eat dry slices of whole grain. Instead of using white for sandwiches, use whole grain; you can even end up making an almond butter and jelly sandwich!


I think this is like the ultimate drink off all time. From waking you up, to warming you up and giving you the cozy feeling, there seems to be nothing that this drink can’t do. So, when you start to feel your cramps pushing in and weary, grab yourself a big mug of this substance. This might just help you move along through the entire day, by giving you enough energy in the form of caffeine.


Not a fan of coffee? No problem. Try tea. You have various options as flavors for tea. You can go for the classic black tea, or with milk. However, a good one for these days is chamomile tea. It helps to reduce muscle spasms and relive tensions that end up making you feel anxious and agitated. And if you feel nausea or bloated, then go for the ginger one.


Bananas are an excellent source in vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium, which can cut down water retention and bloating while also keeping your flow to stay regular.

These six foods would help you get through these tough days and not be affected as much as you usually are.

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