10 Amazing Benefits Of Prunes


Prunes are referred to as dried plums. This fruit consists of numerous vitamins and minerals and is a powerhouse when it comes to the fibre content. Several researchers have worked on this fruit, and most have come to the conclusion that it has the best effect on the levels of bone density in humans.

Through this article we shall be shedding light on the amazing Prunes benefits:

1. Prunes Improve Vision

Prunes are high in Vitamin A. Being high in this vitamin, it contributes well to improving the vision of the individual. It contributes to three percent (3%) of the total daily body requirement of vitamin A. People who are suffering from vitamin A deficiency should incorporate the use of prunes in their diet to prevent themselves from diseases such as night-blindness, cataracts, dryness of the eyes etc.

2. Prunes Benefits for Skin

Known for their skin cleansing properties, prunes can be used to prevent different skin problems such as acne, skin marks, pimples, dry and clammy skin etc. They should be included in the diet on a regular basis as it can help to reduce the effects of skin problems.

Regulate Food Intake Benefits Of Prunes

3. Regulate Food Intake

Prunes can also help keep a check and regulation of food intake. In different studies carried out regarding the effects of this amazing fruit, it was found out that people who tend to eat dried plums aka prunes as a snack can suppress hunger for longer.

4. Reduce the Risk of Colon Cancer

With the incorporation of prunes in the diet, you can prevent yourself from different life threatening diseases, including colon cancer. A very hard disease to detect, but when it happens it can be very hard to detect and aggressive in nature. Prunes, however, can reduce the risk as it allows the formation of microbiota or beneficial bacteria to increase inside the colon.

Great Moisturizing Properties Benefits Of Prunes

5. Great Moisturizing Properties

Widely dubbed as a great moisturizing agent, the lotions which comprise of prune juice or any sort of prune content, helps prevent dry and clammy skin in a very efficient manner. Also, prune face masks are also in use which allow the skin to become bright and revitalized.

6. Prunes for Healthy Hair

With Vitamin B and C in abundance, prunes can be of great benefit when it comes to the health of hair. They strengthen the hair by providing stability and integrity to the hair follicles.

Prunes for Healthy Hair

7. Factory of Antioxidants

Prunes are labelled as factories of antioxidants. According to a research, dried plums are reviewed as the best antioxidant source. They are having minerals such as manganese, iron and plant phenolics which help protect the cell membranes from the damage caused by the free radicals.

8. Prunes Benefits for Heart

Being a very high source of potassium, prunes contribute to the well-being of the heart in a very productive way. By incorporating this fruit, the circulation of blood tends to get better with time, there are less chances of artheromatous plaque formation in the blood vessels.

Prunes Promote Heart Health

9. Potent Constipation Reliever

Being high in sorbitol and fibre, prunes are potent constipation relievers. They are even better laxatives then psyllium. They help better the digestion by efficiently regulating the bowel movements.

10. Prevention of Anemia

Being a good source of iron, prunes and its juice are said to provide a positive impact in the prevention of anemia and treatment of iron deficiency.

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