Keep These Things in Mind Before You Plan a Pregnancy


There are things that you will learn only when you become parents but planning a few things beforehand definitely makes this ride easier.

Having A Baby Isn’t Easy

First things first, we cannot sugar-coat this for you but having a baby is not a cakewalk, and honestly, nobody gets it 100% right, so be realistic. No parents have exactly the same experiences, so do not compare theirs with yours. Having or not having a baby is a choice you’re free to make. Don’t ever let society pressure you into having one or rush you into this decision.

Communication Is The Key

Plan a baby when you & your partner are physically, mentally & financially ready. Discuss expenses, household chores & other responsibilities, who will do what when the baby comes, time management, parenting strategies, etc.

Prioritize Healthy Lifestyle

Take care of the deficiencies such as iron, calcium, Vitamin B & D. Improve their levels beforehand by having foods rich in these nutrients, use supplements if needed by consulting a doctor. Lead an active lifestyle by exercising 3-4 days/week or walking every day. Make sure to practice hip-opener workouts that will cultivate hip strength, mobility, and flexibility.

Say No To Over-Restrictive Diet

Do not go on an over-restrictive diet before pregnancy or an extreme calorie surplus diet during pregnancy. No FAD diets, please!

Ignore Toxic Nutrition Advice

Stay away from toxic nutrition advice like eating only white foods, so your baby is born with white skin and avoiding green leafy veggies during lactation because it will give diarrhoea to the baby. ONLY listen to your Gynaecologist & Dietician/Nutritionist.

Maintain A Good Mental Health

Cut down stress from other areas of your life. Say your byes to toxic relatives/friendships, practice Yoga & meditation, learn how to breathe fully and spend a few minutes doing mindfullness for good mental and physical health .

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