Our Experts

Dr. Nida Hussain

General Physician

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    Dr. Sana Azfar

    MSC Nutrition and Food Sciences
    Clinical Dietitian

    Dr. Sana…

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      Dr. Danial Arshad

      BDS, M.PHIL (R)
      Laser Dentistry Specialist

      Dr. Danial Arshad…

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        Dr. Zafar Ahmed Khan

        DHMS, RHMP

        Homeopathic Doctor Zafar Ahmed…

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          Dr. Tanweer ul Huda

          M.D, MBBS
          Consultant Physician and Diabetologist

          He completed…

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            Dr. Sana Ansari

            Certified healthcare quality specialist

            Dr. Sana Ansari…

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              Dr. Shazia Erum

              MSC, BSC
              Clinical Consultant Nutritionist

              Dr. Shazia Erum is…

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                Dr. Nida Sajid

                MBBS, FCPS (Internal Medicine), Fellow of Diabetes and Endocrine…

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                  Navaid Hussain

                  Master Trainer
                  L1 certification

                  Navaid Hussian has been in…

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