Can An Air-Fryer Help You Lose Weight?


There are sources that claim that air fryers are a healthier alternative for making fried foods. But does it really help you with weight loss and is the air-fryer really a healthy alternative? Read on to find the answers to all your questions about the air fryer & more!

Air fryers are the new go-to kitchen equipment people are raving about. They are being suggested as a healthier alternative to deep and shallow frying. Companies are pushing one USP- ‘They will help you lose weight.’ Let’s see if this is true or not.

There’s something about fried foods. Everyone loves them! The texture and crispiness of these foods make them a favourite. Air fryers replicate this crispiness by circulating hot air around a particular food. This is what makes them different from grillers and ovens.


While you could cook french fries in an air-fryer using one teaspoon of oil, the same with traditional deep frying would take copious amounts of oil.

According to a study, a fish cutlet was cooked using an air fryer using the optimum temperature (180 degrees) for 12 minutes. Although this resulted in a healthy protein-rich snack, fish cutlets also had much lower fat content, better protein content and comparable texture to deep-fried fish cutlets.

So, this proves that air fryers can reduce caloric expenditure. But not to forget that every good that has a flip side:

  1. If you make it a habit to eat food with zero oil, you may also forego the many benefits of healthy fats like olive oil.
  2. Air fryers cook food fast, with a lot of heat. So you could end up burning your food!
  3. Since Air fryers are small, it is ideal for 1-2 eaters at a time.


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