Aid workers in Pakistan the most unsafe in the world


According to a report and data released by Aid Workers Security Database (AWSD), Pakistan remains one of the deadliest countries in the world for relief workers.

Twelve various incidents of attacks have been reported this year, and in 2014, a relatively high number of 18 workers were targeted in the country. One of them was a foreign aid worker, eight local workers were killed, and four were injured, while five were kidnapped.

According to the data, Pakistan accounts for 6.5 percent of 190 attacks on aid workers around the world.

It seems a good thought though, that the number in 2014 decreased from 2013 as 22 workers were killed in 17 incidents, which accounted for 6.3 percent of 264 attacks worldwide.

However, humanitarian workers are one of the most innocent human beings, as they provide aid and relief in times of distress. Pakistan faces distraught from diseases like polio and measles which require vaccination and these numbers are too high.

It also makes sense that our northern neighbors, Afghanistan, are labeled as the deadliest country for these aid workers. Due to deteriorating security since the withdrawal of foreign troops in 2011, Afghanistan has faced different attacks on aid workers – 54 just last year.

It seems like this type of violence will not be slowing down in 2015, as nine Afghan employees were shot and killed in June alone, in northern Balkh and the bodies of five aid workers were found 39 days after the Taliban kidnapped them in central province of Uruzgan.

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