What’s Happening Around The World Right Now?


Since 2020, the Pandemic has affected every part of the world, and when we thought that we are finally getting control over the pandemic, another crisis or natural disaster hit us. The world is going through so much right now such as wildfires, earthquakes, humanitarian crises, protests. Read below to know about what is happening around the world.

Lebanon is Facing a Humanitarian Crises

Lebanon is currently facing a devastating financial & economic crisis. Its two biggest power stations, which together provide 40% electricity to the country, have shut down. Its people are also facing a severe shortage of basic necessities such as food, medical supplies, and fuel.

Taliban Seizes Major Cities in Afghanistan

The Taliban recently captured major cities of Afghanistan. This has resulted in humanitarian crises, there is very little access to food and safety for the people which has caused thousands of them to flee to their hometown in despair and fear for their safety.

Major Earthquakes Hits Haiti

A major and devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 recently hit the island of Haiti. This country has gone through so much like political turbulence, foreign meddling, and a humanitarian crisis, and now this earthquake has left more than 1200 people dead with many missing.

Protests in Cuba

Over the past few days, Cuban took to the street to protest for economic crises, struggling with a shortage of food and long food lines, rising inflammation, and limited access to medicine. The Cuban government blames the shortage of food on US sanctions and the COVID pandemic.

Wildfires in Algeria

According to the European Union atmosphere monitor, the Mediterranean has become a wildfire hot spot. Forest fires have set large parts of Algeria aflame over the past week causing devastating destructions. Several houses were burnt and many people were killed while trying to desperately escape.


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