Pregnancy Related Skin Problems and What to Do about Them


Becoming a mother is one of the greatest gifts of Allah. During pregnancy the mother is excited and cautious at the same time for the wellbeing of the baby. But no matter how happy and joyous you are, your skin can suffer a lot when it goes through pregnancy, but there are some ways you might help your skin to stay fresh and free from any problems

The problems that a mother might face can range from sensitive skin all the way to rashes on the skin. Although these problems are pretty natural and they can go away if properly taken care of or else these problems can leave marks on the skin that can be hard to remove after the pregnancy.

Here are some of the most common skin problems that a mother might face during pregnancy and how to prevent them.

Skin Sensitivities during Pregnancy

Since you are new to this experience then you might be suffering from a rather sensitive skin and this can be in many ways, either you might be getting red patches on your skin if you either rub it or press against it, this can cause your skin to become irritated or may be due to the lotions you put on your skin. The lotions we use are scented or perfumed which is the reason why the skin becomes irritated and can be or a lot of discomfort, especially if you are pregnant. Therefore, switch to non-scented lotions that wash easily.

  • Using a loofah can help the skin as it is soft and cares for the skin.
  • Try and use unscented and non-perfumed, soaps and lotions and oils to help the skin be rejuvenated and stay soft and healthy during the pregnancy.

Skin Breakouts during Pregnancy

Since you are pregnant this will cause your hormones to be completely out of whack and this might be the reason why you can start to have pimples on your skin. Don’t be alarmed, you should not be worried about these pimples, including pimples some other acne problems might come up during the pregnancy. But using the usual acne products that you use can be very harmful during the pregnancy. So before using any medication, lotions or creams consult your doctor.

  • But there are some natural ways you can fight against the acne, don’t pick or squeeze them, but just wash with a mild cleanser twice a day.
  • Use steam to unclog the pores of your skin.
  • Using several herbs such as Aloe Vera can also be beneficial, but try if all else fails.

Dryness and Itchiness during Pregnancy

Sometimes moms find themselves battling against dryness and itchiness of the skin, but this is more severe than the regular kind.

  • To fight off against the dryness make sure you are drinking loads of water.
  • Use a humidifier in the room you are sitting, this will certainly help out a lot.
  • Try some gentle lotion or moisturizers that can be beneficial to restore the moisture of your skin this will help avoid itchiness as well however if you ever find the urge to scratch away kindly don’t, just apply some lotion, oils on it and avoid scratching.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are an expected phenomenon during pregnancy. However, stretch marks are not something that is common in the every pregnant woman, sometimes people don’t even get it. But if you are one on the people who did get stretch marks then;

  • just try and gently exfoliate and thoroughly moisturizing the belly and every other skin on your body.
  • As far an any product is considered, it is very hard to pick a particular one, so just see what suits you and go with it.
  • Discuss with your doctor to make sure you make the right choice in the lotions, creams and moisturizers according to your doctor’s approval.
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