Scrumptious Pakistan: Most Sought After Pakistani Foods


Pakistan – a nation that is enriched with culture and traditions. It is one of the countries that befalls in the culturally rich country of the world. With rituals, attire and all, of course Pakistan is not the nation to back down when it comes to FOOD! The food items of Pakistan represent the real flavors and a taste of the vibrant culture of Pakistan. Any food lover who loves it flaming hot would drool over the spicy food that is intact with traditional touches is definitely worthy of any tummy.  Tourists around the world find Pakistani food to be one of their main reasons to be travelling here. The delicious taste and unique nature of the traditional dishes of Pakistan are admired not just by Pakistani bellies but all over the world.

Here are the top 10 traditional dishes found across Pakistan:


Biryani is one of the dishes that no Pakistani can resist. In fact, biryani is the dish that is known all over the world when the topic of Pakistani food comes up. It is found all over in Pakistan even though it’s rooted from the province of Sindh. There are obvious variations to Sindhi biryani as some people love it with their beef while others with potatoes. It is also one of the most found dish in every celebration. It’s pretty clear the crowd of Pakistan is in love with this dish.

Beef Nihari

This is one of the very few unique gravy dishes found all over the world. In Pakistan, it is one dish that has not been missed by any Pakistani. The tasty gravy with its enriching powerful taste with boneless flesh of beef is truly something to dive in for. This is popularly cooked after Eid-ul-Azha when all houses are packed with meat. Since it’s a very warm dish, it is mostly preferred in the winter season.

Chicken Karahi

Like Biryani and tikka, Karahi has made its way up to popularity around the world too. It is one of the most traditional loved meals by every household in Pakistan. Karahi can be found all over Pakistan but, most dishes, chicken karahi is specialized in Punjab. Cities like Lahore, Sargodha, Faisalabad and Gujaranwala are best to be reached for some Karahi. Every Karahi is enhanced in their own way with its own set of flavors according to the many different people of Pakistan.


This is yet another specialty of Lahore and is one of my favorites. Like all dishes, this has its own different combinations when it is cooked in different regions of Pakistan. It includes meat threads and various lentils. This is one dish that takes more than two hands to cook, but is worth it with every spoonful.



This is truly an exclusive dish of Pakistan with its special way of preparation and cooking methods. It has popularized Baluchi cuisine. This is made out usually after skewing a whole lamb with the natural taste of earth. Yes, you have read it right, EARTH! It’s like the secret ingredient to this delicious dish. This varies when it comes to meat as all of us can’t easily digest on lamb.

Chappali Kabab

Hamburgers are famous all over the world but, none can be compared to this flavored packed meat patty called Chappali Kabab. This is from the province of Peshawar and can be found in many other Asian countries as well. They have a very powerful taste as it is in fusion of many traditional spices. A definite try for all.

Khada Gosht

This an indulging dish for meat lovers in Pakistan. It is mainly made in cold areas such as Quetta. The whole of a goat or lamb is cooked on the charcoal fire giving it a Smokey natural taste. To warm up your body, Khada Gosht is the dish for you in Pakistan.

Deep Fried Fish

Pakistan does not hold back for seafood lovers as well. Deep Fried fish of Lahore is on top of the menus when winter arrives. Rahou, which is a freshwater fish, is one to satisfy the hunger and desire when it comes to craving for fish.

Halwa Puri

Halwa Puri is a must breakfast for the people of Pakistan when it comes to lazy Sundays. The fresh hot puris with chola, aloo bhujia and halwa is a kick off starter for breakfast for those who like it full. This form of breakfast is found everywhere in Pakistan be it to the big five star hotels or the roadside restaurants. This is how much it is loved!

The Special Pakistani BBQ

BBQ of Pakistan is famous all over the world. If one thing foreigners love when it comes to their taste buds for spice is TIKKA. There are so many items that fall under BBQ such as Seekh Kabab, Malai Boti and more is truly remarkable.

Now that we have you drooling, what are you waiting on? Come down to the nation of traditional food of Pakistan and have a scrumptious experience of your own!

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