Stop Snoring: 6 Ways that can Help


Snoring is considered as a nuisance in most cases. Researchers say and have reported that snoring is the first sign of obstructive sleep apnea – partial or complete obstruction of the upper passage of airway.

Causes of Snoring

When you talk about the causes, the list mainly comprises of the following:-

1. Sleep Position

The sleeping position of an individual greatly determines the frequency of snoring. Lying in a supine position or back being parallel to the mattress may increase the chances of snoring. In a recent study it was revealed that the subjects who were advised specific head positions on pillows showed greater improvement.

2. Asthma

People suffering from asthma might also relate to the problem of snoring. Asthma being a respiratory problem itself, it also leads to the blockage of the air hence causing problems in breathing and sleep apneas.

3. Nasal and Sinus Problems

Arguably one of most common causes of snoring is the ailments of the nasal and sinus blockage. A stuffy nose at night will lead the person to breathe from the mouth, hence will lead to snoring. The greater the blockage, the louder the sound of snoring.

4. Gender

Male tend to snore more than women, because men have a narrower airway passage.

Tips to Stop Snoring

Here are some potential ways to help stop snoring.

1. Side Sleeping

One of the easiest and productive ways to reduce the habit of snoring is by employing the method of sleeping sideways. Using a body pillow will allow the maintenance of this position. With doing this, the muscles of the throat will be in a relaxed state hence releasing the pressure.

2. Lose Weight

Weight loss can also help to reduce the frequency of snoring. Surplus fat around neck can reduce the internal diameter of the airway passage that results in breathing obstruction. In order to compensate this, the person starts to breathe through the mouth, which induces snoring.

3. Good Sleeping Habits

Good sleeping habits can also help reduce the activity in an individual. Usually, the habit of snoring is seen in people who work continuously and don’t pay much attention to their sleep pattern and when they hit the sack, the muscles of the throat lose tension and hence more snoring is observed.

4. Raise the Head of Your Bed

Another tip to stop snoring is by raising the head of the bed. By elevating the head of the bed, it will allow the tongue to remain in its natural position and no blockage of the throat will be observed which in turn will not allow the individual to snore.

5. Optimum Hydration

Optimum hydration is another tip to decrease the activity of snoring. Hydration will help the muscles of the throat and tongue to be in a fluid and elastic state. This means that the working efficiency of the designated muscles will increase. It is reported that women should drink at least eleven Glasses of Water in a Day and males should consume up to sixteen glasses.

6. Use of a Humidifier

A humidifier can be used to eradicate nasal congestion. Various oils such as, peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil can be added which will aid in the same function.

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