6 Tech Startups by Women for Women


As more and more women are reclaiming the space they’re entitled to in professional areas, we have the honor of witnessing some startups that are having a positive impact. Not only are they handled by women, they’re also for women, empowering them in ways never done before.

Women are truly making things work despite the system being against them, and we are here for it.


Pakistan’s first online shopping platform by women, for women, was started as a small Facebook group by Nadia Patel Gangjee. It steadily grew into a massive group that women use to buy and sell products from the comforts of their own home.

It is now a massive e-commerce website, being one of the top startups in Pakistan that raised its funding greatly in 2018.

CEO Nadia Patel Gangjee
Digital Rights Foundation

Led by Nighat Dad, this non-profit organization is allowing women to finally address the harassment and abuse they face in cyber spaces. Whether it’s blackmail, or unsolicited pornography, or any sort of abuse, DRF will make sure you know your rights, and help you proceed with the case. You can easily call, or message them on Facebook.

Laws are no longer just laws. There is action!

Founder Nighat Dad

This tech startup gives home-based freelance beauticians a unique opportunity to offer their services to women in Rawalpindi, Lahore and Islamabad through a web, mobile-based solution. Women can book an appointment with a beautician through the app and avail the service at home.

Founded by CEO Shameelah Ismail, CMO Arooj Ismail and CFO Fareed Qureshi, along with co-founder and COO Mehvish Arifeen, GharPar acts like a ‘Uber for beauty services’. All one has to do is download the app, register and book a service.

CEO Shameelah Ismail
Women’s Digital League

Empowering women through training, Women’s Digital League is fighting unemployment by providing training in digital tools and technical work, and connecting them to online platforms for paid work.

Ever since Maria Umar started this project, it has managed to train hundreds of women, found them jobs and won awards.

Founder Maria Umar
Sehat Kahani

Co-founded by Dr Sana Khurram and Dr Iffat Zafar, Sehat Kahani is a platform that taps into the population of women who are trained medical professionals but are unemployed due to societal pressure.

Clinics are established in areas where healthcare is either unavailable or dominated by untrained mid-wives or illiterate people claiming to be doctors or hakeems. It then connects patients to doctors through online platforms like Skype for medical consultations.

Team Sehat Kahani
Aurat Raaj

Led by Saba Khalid and other fantastic, strong women, it is a Pakistan-based digital media and technology startup that educates and informs girls about health, hygiene and safety. Its best feature is the AI bot Raaji who can talk to women about sexual health and hygiene, and even address domestic and emotional abuse.

Founder Saba Khalid

We are left in absolute awe of these amazing women who are working hard to give women platforms to fight and succeed despite the odds stacked against them. We cannot wait to see them grow, and for new startups to pop up; for women, by women.

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