What does your Eye Color Say about Your Health

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Blue, brown, green, and everything in between – your eye color can tell you a lot about your personality and susceptibility to diseases. Read on to find out more.

What does your Eye Color Say about Your Health1

Eye Cancer

People who have blue, green or grey eye color are at risk of developing a rare kind of cancer called uveal melanoma. But the ratio of this cancer is less among these individuals too. Annually, 2,500 people suffer from this disease in America.


According to experts, people with brown eyes are more reliable than others.

Blood Sugar

Research has proven that people with blue eyes and fair complexion are at risk of developing diabetes.


Research has proven that people with blue colored eyes who live in congested places are more affected by noise than those with brown color, and are vulnerable to hearing loss. The reason why people with brown eyes are less prone to hearing issues is that their eyes possess extra melanin, which offers more protection to eyes and hair. Plus, the melanin also protects their ears from the noise.

Size of Eyes

The size of the pupil is different from one in five people, which means that one eye is slimmer and smaller. But it could be due to a health issue, such as an infection, stroke, or a nervous system-related issue.

Leuco disease

Blue-eyed people are at less risk of this disease. According to experts, the genes responsible for the blue eye color can protect against the disease.


It is common for brown-eyed people to have a blurred vision. According to research, those who have brown colored eyes are at risk of developing a cataract.

Sign of Intelligence

Experts suggest that the size of the pupil determines a person’s intelligence. As per their expertise, the minds of those with a large-sized pupil work faster than others.

Ability to Play Sports

Brown-eyed people respond faster when playing games, like boxing and football. Whereas, blue-eyed people excel at games that require single-mindedness, such as golf and bowling etc.

Ability to Tolerate Pain

Research has also been conducted on the relationship of pain with a woman’s eye color.  According to a research, women with dark colored eyes suffer from immense pain during labor. They wake up easily due to extreme pain and also have problems while lying down, sitting or walking.

Weakness of Vision

According to a research, those with light colored eyes are twice at risk of weak eyesight or completely losing their vision.

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