An Interview Session with Model Shezray Husain


It was a pleasant Sunday evening when I first encountered Shezray at the LUX Style Awards in 2012, held in Karachi, Pakistan. I was standing right there when around half past nine a ravishingly disheveled, exquisitely beautiful girl strolled in. Here is Shezray Husain, an American- Pakistani model who seemed to be the eye candy of all as she attracted every reporter and camera towards her. Shezray is tall, with a sporty slim physique. Her face is prettier than any of her photographs. She is young and beautiful, her career as a model seems to be very promising. At a very young age, she has managed to be a super model as well as a brilliant makeup artist and photographer. She has been on the ramp and also on the front page of several Magazines. She has done a handsome number of TV commercials in Chicago and is a title holder for DuPage County in Miss Illinois USA 2013. Being an American Pakistani, Shezray still has a lot to offer to her native country Pakistan, where she is expected to be hand-picked by several designers as soon as she arrives.

As with most models, Shezray has a keen interest in her health and partakes in yoga for her mind and body. Read our recent interview with her as she talks about her career and how important health is to her.

Mirza: Your entry in the Fashion and Beauty Industry, was it a passion?
Shezray: It is definitely a passion! I started off with beauty pageants and that opened so many doors for me, I am so blessed for some of the opportunities I’ve been given.

M: Your first ever fashion show, how was it, share your experience.
S: It was so exciting, I loved the adrenaline rush the first time I walked the runway, and   getting to just own the stage.

M: You are a titleholder of DuPage County in Miss Illinois USA, how did you get there? Was it a difficult journey?
S: It takes lot of hard work and preparation to compete in a beauty pageant. It’s almost like a sport where you have to train for several months to polish your skills and get in shape to perform your absolute best.

M: Apart from modeling, what do you do in your down time? Any particular hobbies? Passions?
S: I love to do yoga and meditation! I’m a very spiritual person and yoga just enhances my mind, body, and spirit.

M: How important is HEALTH to you?
S:  Health is extremely important to me. I am constantly searching for new ways to stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

M: What is your daily diet?
S: I keep it different every day since I’m a huge foodie! I love sushi and seafood in general

M: Do you work out on a daily basis? How do you stay in shape?
S: When I’m preparing for a show or beauty pageant I work out every day. But other than that, I work out about 2-4 times a week for an hour. This is the secret behind my sleek fitness

M: What kind of a diet is necessary for models? What is the secret behind your sleek physique? 
S: Diet is a huge part of fitness. It’s important to not eat less food, but healthier food. I try to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Yoga and running is something I try to incorporate into my schedule every week. Every now and then I’ll award myself with McDonald’s fries!

M: Were you nervous on your first ever Photo-shoot or ramp walk? How was the feeling?
S: I’ll never forget my first photo shoot. It was for my portfolio. I remember just being extremely camera shy, not knowing where to go, how to even pose. After a couple photo shoots, I eventually got more comfortable and now have so much fun!

M: Why do you particularly like modeling for or being a part of the Pakistani Fashion Industry? Do you like the people here, or the glamour sense of the East? Or the chic and different dresses, and designs of the Eastern culture?
S: The first beauty pageant I ever competed in was Pakistani because I wanted to embrace my own culture. I love our fashion industry and how it’s so different. Designers like Ali Xeeshan and HSY are some of my top favorites. The Pakistani fashion industry is evolving so fast, and it’s so exhilarating to grow with and be a part of this blossoming industry

M: Your passion for photography, how did you develop that?
S: I was once a television production major in my first year of college, so I took a lot of photo and video editing classes as well as a photography class. Editing was and still is something that I love doing, and can do it all day! When I started getting photo shoots done, I’d look at the quality of the photo and think to myself that “I could’ve shot this better or edited it better.” I bought myself my first DSLR camera and just photographed my friends and then for a couple businesses as well. My passion grew from then on.

M: You must be a busy person with work lined up and school. How do you handle school and family side by side?
S: I’m graduating from Depaul University in just a month or so! So I’ll be able to give my work and family more time. I’m the kind of person who needs to focus on one thing at a time, at out my heart and soul into it. So once school is crossed off my list, family and work is next.

M: What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous on their initial photo shoots or on the ramp?
S: Practice some poses in the mirror, practice your walk in front of friends and family to get comfortable and to receive constructive criticism. Most of all just let loose, be confident, and have fun!

M: Do you think Pakistani Fashion Industry should provide a platform for young girls to show their talent and enter the world of Fashion?
S: That wouldn’t be a bad idea at all, in fact I think it would help the progression of our fashion industry.

M: Currently is it easy for young models to enter the industry and make their way to the top?
S: Nothing is ever easy, in fact reaching to the top in any industry takes immense hard work and experience. But from what I hear, it’s usually worth it in the end!

M: Do you love yourself? Models usually love themselves and love taking care of themselves.
S: It’s important for everyone to love themselves and take care of their health and well-being. If you aren’t gonna love yourself and put yourself first then who will?

M: How has your experience working with Akif Ilyas been?
S: Akif is absolutely amazing to work with. So down to earth. He’s one of my favorite makeup artists and photographers. I think that he’s a master at really being able to transform and create something beautiful in all of his work.

M: Your favorite Pakistani Designer and why?
S: Ali Xeeshan. His work is so bright, bold, fun, colorful, and unique. I’m all about that, and those characteristics makeup my personality and the type of clothes I like to wear.

M: Your favorite Pakistani Makeup artist currently?
S: Saleha Abbassi and Akif Ilyas

M: How is your experience working in the US as compared to Pakistan?
S: Both experiences are similar to be honest!  Pakistan is just as much fun as the U.S. as long as you’re working with the right people.

M: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
S: Innovative, ambitious, and nerdy

M: What would people be surprised to know about you?
S: I really like rap music. A lot of people get shocked or look surprised when I know all the lyrics to popular rap songs!

M: Who would you trade (switch) places with for 24 hours?
S: I would want to switch places with someone in a 3rd world country. Its crazy how much we take certain things in life for granted and getting to see what it’s like to live life without all the material things would be an eye opener.

M: Where do you want to see yourself in the coming years? Share your dream plan with us.
S: I plan on putting my heart and soul into whatever path I choose and being successful. As of right now, I’m looking to go in the direction towards film.

M: Share one memory from the industry that you can never forget, it may be good or bad.
S: You just have to look out for people with the wrong and bad intentions, if you steer clear from that you’re gold.

M: Your favorite singer or musician? 
S: Beyoncé, hands down.

M: Your favorite movie?
S: Om Shanti Om is my all-time favorite movie. I could literally watch it over and over again and would never get sick of it. The message that it sends out is so inspiring.

M: Your favorite actor?
S: Leonardo DiCaprio

M: If you get an offer for a movie, who is the one Director/Producer you would want to work with?
S: Karan Johar

M: What is your Zodiac sign?
S: I’m a proud Virgo.

M: What does love mean to you?
S: True love, to me, is when two people sacrifice and make compromises for one another, understand each other, and genuinely care about each other’s feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.

M: February is the month of love, what would be a perfect Valentine’s Day for you?
S: My perfect Valentine’s Day is just spending time with a loved one. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it just has to be meaningful.

M: Can you give a closing message for your fans and followers?
S: Thanks to all those who support me and give me the strength and energy to keep doing what I love. I shall be back soon to Pakistan to resume my modeling career. Keep supporting.

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