5 Reasons Why We’re Looking Forward To ‘Gumm’- The First Pakistani Film Release of 2019


Pakistani cinema had its fair share of movie releases in the previous year, 2018. However, most of them were simply good enough to pass your time. No doubt, the revival stage of Pakistani cinema is still new and in absolute survival mode, BUT it is about time that film-makers step up their game and experiment with story lines and character development. Applauding the ‘effort’ will only take the industry so far.

Here’s a list of all the movies we’re looking forward to in 2019

There has to come a point to stop relying on commercial films to please the ‘masses’- and 2019 is where it should start. Gumm stars Sami Khan, Shamoon Abbasi and Shameen Khan. It is releasing this month and promises (the skeptics inside us are yet to convinced) to be an exciting action-thriller.

Here’s why we think Gumm might be worth a watch:

  1. Gumm is the first Pakistani film hitting the big screens this year: it is releasing on 11th January 2019. And we’re praying that this film is an awesome start to the year for Pakistani cinema.
  2. It has already won 7 awards at International Film Festivals. 3 of them are for screenplay, which is one of the most important parts of any film.
  3. The film is set in the Margalla Hills and we’re looking forward to some breathtaking beauty shots of Pakistan’s scenic beauty.
  4. The film is classified as a thriller- a genre less explored by Pakistani film makers
  5. Directors Ammar Lasani and Kanza Zia have expressed confidence in each and every element of the film. So the expectations are sky high and the worst of us are looking to scrutinize all the components that go into making a film successful.

Wishing the team the best of luck. Especially considering we’ve got out critics-cap on Vidconverter.co.

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