20 Ways to Stay Healthy After 40


As soon as you reach 40, you start worrying about your health and evaluating wellbeing. You start planning for the long-run and enlist all the things that are important for you. Your health risks start to increase thus this is the right time to visit your doctors, nutritionists, dentists and physical trainers. Following are a few things that you need to keep in mind and follow to stay healthy even after 40.

1. Wear Sunglasses

Wear Sunglasses to Stay Healthy After 40

After 40, sunglasses become more than just a fashion. The UV light can damage your eyes and cause macular degeneration in the long run. If your eyesight is weak, don’t ignore it. Know your number and get the right glasses for yourself.

2. Get Your Tests Frequently

Get Your Tests Frequently to Stay Healthy After 40

It sounds like too much effort, but you really need to evaluate your health. Keep a diary to record your blood pressure, weight, cholesterol level and glucose level in blood. If you see fluctuation, visit a doctor as soon as possible.

3. Family History

You have probably ignored your family history when it comes to diseases, all your life, but now it’s time for you to consider it. Plan your diet accordingly and tell your doctor about your family history. If someone in your family is diabetic then avoid consuming too much sugar. Avoid eating carbs and junk food if your family has a history of heart diseases.

4. Muscle Mass

Muscle Mass to Stay Healthy After 40

As soon as you reach 40 your muscle mass decreases due to lack of physical activity. Contact your physical trainer and make a proper schedule. Go to gym or at least go for running thrice a week to maintain your muscle mass.

5. Increase Fiber Intake

Increase Fiber Intake to Stay Healthy After 40

Your metabolism starts slowing down after 40. You will start putting on weight if you continue eating all the carbs like you used to. Keep a calorie counter and plan your daily diet. Eat lots of protein and fiber. Opt for vegetables instead of red meat at restaurants.

6. Cardiovascular Health

A lot of things lead to issues related to cardio vascular health. Apart from keeping a check on your blood pressure and cholesterol level in blood, also visit your doctor once a month. Ask your physical trainer to help you manage stress by physical activities. Eat foods that prevent heart problems.

7. Stop Smoking

If you are 40 and still smoking, you really need to stop. It can cause heart failure, heart attack and many other heart related diseases. It also makes you physically weaker.

8. Thyroid Problem

Thyroid Problem to Stay Healthy After 40

Thyroid is a very common issue which shows up as you age. Get your thyroid hormones levels checked if you feel lethargic all the time. Also, if you are having a hard time maintaining your body weight, tell your doctor as soon as possible.

9. Calcium Intake

Calcium is very important for bones. Most of the people end up getting osteoporosis and joint pains due to low intake of calcium. If your calcium level is very low, you are at more risk of getting a fracture easily and it takes a lot of time to heal. So, make sure that you eat foods that are rich in calcium.

10. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 to Stay Healthy After 40

Once you cross 40, you will feel a difference. Vitamins and other supplements become a need. The ability to absorb vitamins decreases with age. If you don’t want to lose all your hair and have a perfect healthy skin, then eat lots of fish and dairy products that have vitamin B12.

11. Eat Less, Burn More

Buy new plates which are smaller in size than before. This will help you cut down on the amount of food you eat. This will lower you calorie intake. Along with this, exercise according to your calorie intake.

12. Make Plans with Your Friends

Make Plans with Your Friends to Stay Healthy After 40

Take some time out from your daily routine and plan out your workout schedule with your friends. This will not only help you stay motivated, but also helps release stress.

13. Take a Walk Instead of a Drive

If you are in no mood to run an errand, call up a friend and take her along. This will kill your boredom and also make you happy which is again, very important for your health. It is better to go by walk rather than by car, because that will help you burn a few calories and you will also be able to spend more time with your friend.

14. Dietitian

Dietitian to Stay Healthy After 40

It is better to contact your dietitian to help you plan out your meals. It is easier and more beneficial. Tell your dietitian about your likes and dislikes in food to make it easier for yourself.

15. Plan Out Activities with Your Family and Loved Ones

Don’t stay at home to watch movies with your kids or family. For good health of your loved ones, plan outdoor activities. Go for camping, hiking or just a swim at the beach. This will make you fresh and active in your daily life.

16. Don’t Overdo Anything

Exercise according to your need. After 40, you should be more focused on maintaining your weight rather than gaining muscle. Too much exercise can cause stress on your heart. Ask your trainer before you take a step.

17. Join Classes

Join Classes to Stay Healthy After 40

Join aerobics, yoga or any fitness class. This will make you take out time, especially after you have paid for it. Classes can help you socialize and stay motivated.

18. Meditate

Meditation is important for mental strength. You can join classes or do it alone in a peaceful place. Make it a habit, because it helps calm down your body. It brings in positive energy and helps you think.

19. Increase Potassium Intake

Eat bananas regularly in order to maintain the potassium level in your body. Along with high potassium intake, lower your sodium and salt intake. Potatoes, avocados and spinach are good sources of potassium.

20. Sleep

Sleep to Stay Healthy After 40

Sleep is important even before 40. But after 40, stress management becomes harder, so make sure that you get your beauty sleep of 8 hours each night. This will help you stay active during the day. Find More : health and fitness Tips

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