10 Tips to Keep Your Breath Fresh during Ramadan


It is important to know that the odor that comes from our mouths is actually one that Allah is pleased with. It is like the “Fragrance of musk” according to hadith, even then Holy Prophet S.A.W used miswak during his fast to keep his oral hygiene. During Fasting we do brush our teeth before Sehri, however it would be beneficial if we did that after Iftaari as well. The mouth odor during the month of Ramadan is caused by the dryness of the mouth, however, if you drink lots of water before Sehri and after Iftaari it is bound to have an impact on the odor of your mouth.

This month should not be avoided by anyone, as it brings both blessing and forgiveness. So to keep your Roza intact and to avoid the bad breath there are several other ways you can remove the odor from your mouth, here are a few.

1. Cleaning the Tongue

To avoid the bad breath, cleaning your tongue twice a day will be beneficial to remove any odor from your mouth. But not by using a brush you need to clean the tongue using a tongue scraper, gently doing this to clean your tongue is very effective in controlling the odor of the mouth, as it cleans several bacteria that are the cause of the bad breath.

2. Brush Regularly

Brush Regularly to Keep Your Breath Fresh during Ramadan

During Ramadan there are a lot of foods that we consume regularly that we don’t during the rest of the year. Consumption of several products increases all of a sudden such fried foods. If our teeth are not brushed these foods remain in our mouth and can cause bad breath. Brushing our teeth regularly and twice a day will make sure any debris left behind will be cleaned.

3. Miswak

miswak to Keep Your Breath Fresh during Ramadan

Miswak is something our Holy Prophet S.A.W used so much that it is a Sunnat if someone uses miswak. Miswak is basically a twig of the Arak tree. Using Miswak is extremely beneficial for our oral health. It improves gum health and cleans the teeth to remove the odor coming from our mouths.

4. Water Consumption

Water Consumption to Keep Your Breath Fresh during Ramadan

During Ramadan Dryness of the mouth is one of the major reasons for the odor coming from the mouth. To reduce the odor, drink lots of water during Sehri and after Iftaari to make sure that our mouth is hydrated as many bacteria and food remains may settle in the mouth causing the odor, drinking water will remove them.

5. Eating Food

Eating Food to Keep Your Breath Fresh during Ramadan

Eating specific foods can also reduce bad breath, foods such as milk, fish and several fruits are very good at reducing the bad breath of the mouth. These foods remove bad breath by countering the bacteria present in the mouth that cause bad breath.

6. Dentures

If you are someone who has dentures then those too can cause bad breath in  the mouth, to avoid this before going to bed you need to soak the dentures in antiseptic solution and keep them there overnight so that any bacteria is removed from it.

7. Avoid Sticky Foods

Avoid Sticky Foods to Keep Your Breath Fresh during Ramadan

Avoiding foods that stick to the teeth are very harmful for oral health, besides cavities, bad breath is another thing to worry about. Things like chocolate, cheese and other things should be stopped.

8. The Dentist

The Dentist Your Breath Fresh during Ramadan

Going to the dentist for a routine checkup is a habit that should be considered. A dentist will be able to fill any holes in the teeth or gaps or get rid of cavities. The holes in the teethe no matter how small can hold food remains that may cause bad breath.

9. Floss or Mouthwash

Another way to keep your breath fresh during the month of Ramadan is to make sure that you floss or use mouthwash after you have brushed your teeth. The antibacterial mouth wash will kill any bacteria in the mouth that may cause odor, or the mouth wash may give the mouth a refreshing odor.

10. Avoid some Foods

Avoid some Foods to Keep Your Breath Fresh during Ramadan

Avoiding several foods in the month of Ramadan might be the correct way to avoid bad breath; this can be made sure by not eating some of the foods that have a smell themselves such as garlic and onions. Besides these spices is also a way that the mouth can have a bad odor. That is why healthy eating should be preferred.

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