Here is why You Need to have Laung (Clove) in Your Kitchen


Cloves are one of those spices that are extensively used in Pakistani cuisine. Its oil is used for medicinal purposes. Cloves or Laung have anti bacterial and antiseptic properties and are also used because of their rich aroma. Here are a few reasons why you need to have Laung in your kitchen cupboard at all times.

1. Laung for Toothache

In case you haven’t noticed, clove is listed as an ingredient on the toothpastes and picture of cloves are all over on top. This is because clove helps you get rid of toothaches.

  1. Boil water and leave a few pieces of cloves in it.
  2. After a while gargle with that water.
  3. Make sure it is warm and not hot.

2. Cough and Bad Breath

Bad breath can leave a bad impression on anyone out there, while cough can get you off the trail between presentations. Eating Laung can help you get rid of both of these issues. You can consume cloves by adding them to your food and also chew laung as a mouth freshener.

3. Sinusitis

Cloves can also help get rid of sinusitis. It may sound a little creepy but to fix sinusitis, you will have to sniff in clove powder through your nose with a straw. You may also add cloves to hot water and take steam. Try to breathe in through your noise. This will also open up all the sinuses.

4. Cloves for Cold

Cloves are used in every other house to get rid of cold. 10 to 12 drops of clove oil and honey added to tepid water can do the magic within a few days if drunk twice or thrice a day. You can also add cloves to your coffee or tea.

Cloves for Cold

5. Stress Relief with Cloves

Our daily life is stressful no matter how happy we are. University, job, house and children are hard to manage. Try taking out at least an hour for yourself. Meanwhile mix basil leaves, cardamom and cloves in hot water to make tea. This will relax you a bit and give you enough energy to pull you through the day.

6. Laung Treats Acne

The antibacterial property of clove oil helps treat acne. It kills the bacteria that cause the spread of acne over the skin. Clove oil is often added to face masks to get rid of acne, blackheads, white heads and scars. You can also apply clove oil mixed with carrier oil in 1:10 ratio directly on the zits. Wait for the oil to dry and then rinse it off. This oil is a quick treatment for acne.

7. Relieve from Anxiety

People suffering from anxiety don’t really know the reason behind their anxious behavior. It can become stressful during the day and come in way of your work. Clove essential oil helps in relieving anxiety and also induces sleep. This way our skin becomes healthier as well.

Relieve from Anxiety

8. Cloves Treats Wounds


Cloves and clove oil is also used to treat rashes, stings, wounds and cuts. Clove oil has anti-fugal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties that clean the wounds. Clove oil helps get rid of scars and blemishes due to the presence of Vitamin A and Vitamin B.

9. Laung Prevents Acidity

Cloves form an extra layer of mucous around the stomach and esophagus. This keeps the stomach from forming ulcers. Chewing Laung after each meal can help prevent the formation of ulcers.

10. Keeps Diabetes at Bay

Clove is known for keeping diabetes at bay as it lowers the blood sugar level. Add cloves to your main course, appetizers, salad and even teas. Cloves also decrease the cholesterol level of blood especially. This reduces the risk of cardio vascular diseases.

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