Munching Away the Boredom with Snacks – A Common Health Crime


Bored waiting for your friend who just won’t arrive? Or tired of sitting through a long drive?

Your natural instinct is to pass your time by opening a bag of chips and some biscuits.

BUT does it contribute to a healthy lifestyle?

How Snacking Affects Health

When you think of snacks what comes to mind? Cold drink, cookies, pastries, chips and everything in between, right? The problem is these snacks are full of carbs and sugar, and low in nutritional value. Excessive consumption of these snacks can cause your waist to expand and reduce energy levels. And these are not the only health concerns. In the long term, this habit can cause heart diseases and obesity.

Your Teeth Are Also At Risk from Snacking

Frequent eating can make your teeth weak and cause tooth decay. The bacteria in plaque generates more enamel damaging acids when it comes in contact with carb-rich snacks. Same goes for sticky foods or things that get stuck between teeth. These food items take longer to dissolve and produce more acid. Hence, putting the health of your teeth at risk.

To ensure good oral health, reduce snacking frequency and rinse your mouth after eating.

Healthy Snacking – Does It Exist?

Definitely! Here are a few food items that are termed as healthy snacks:

  • Fresh fruit slices
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Nuts
  • Boiled eggs
  • Milk/yogurt

Healthy Snacking – Does It Exist

Making these healthy snacks a part of your daily routine can give you several health benefits including good mental and physical health, high nutritional value, and a mood uplift.

In short, healthy eating equals to healthy life!

What’s The Right Time for Snacking?

4 Hours In Between Meals

Never stay empty stomach for more than 4 hours. Going longer than that will slow down your metabolism and cause your blood sugar level to drop down. As a result of this when you finally start eating, you will end up overeating.

After An Intense Workout


A healthy snack is important to make up for the energy lost during a workout. Not only this, it will also help you rebuild muscles.

When to Avoid Snacking?

The worst time to snack is between breakfast and lunch. Studies show that people who snack between these hours tend to munch in the later hour of the day as well. Hence, this leads to weight gain. The best way to avoid mid-day snacking is to have a full and healthy breakfast.

The Bottom Line

If done right, with carb-less snacks and reduced portions, snacking can lead to a healthy lifestyle. It will also give you a nutrition boost to help you last throughout the day.

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