How to Cope With Ramadan Fasting in the Heatwave

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Dealing with this current hot spell and going without food or drink for hours can be really challenging during summer fasting. This year, Pakistan is basked with harsh temperatures, when all we can think about is having plenty of water and other iced drinks. But as the Muslim community welcomes Ramadan, having water and other icy drinks during daylight is forbidden.

So how do we cope with this summer fasting without falling sick? How do we protect ourselves from extreme heat exposure while summer? And what are the best ways to keep ourselves hydrated throughout the day when our liquid intake is so low?

All of these questions have been popping in our heads as we begin to expect Ramadan, and here we have some answers that will ensure you have a smooth, blessed, and healthy Ramadan Kareem.

Minimize Your Physical Activity

This may not be possible for everyone – especially people who have field jobs. However, if you can, try and minimize your physical activity as much as possible. Delay certain tasks until you break your fast so you can at least drink water and eat something if you get tired. Also, try and minimize your daily workout routine.

Take More Showers

That’s one of the best ways to access water during Ramadan. Take multiple showers to refresh yourself and keep cool. Fill up a bucket with water beforehand so that it becomes slightly cooler than the water that directly comes from the tap.

If you can’t take multiple showers, make sure you refresh your wudhu for every salah. So it gives you a chance to wash your face, arms, neck, and feet multiple times.

Avoid Direct Sun Exposure

Again, this may not be possible for everyone, but if you can manage, avoid sun exposure as much as you can. Even if you work in an open field, take regular breaks to avoid heat stroke. Make sure you wear a cap and sunglasses and carry an umbrella to keep yourself under some shade.

Eat Right in Sehri

Filling yourself up with too much and too heavy food can be a costly mistake if you are fasting in the heatwave. Overeating can make you feel even hotter as the temperature rises and causes extreme dehydration.

How to Survive summer Fasting in the Heatwave

Keep your food light for both sehri and iftar. Do not load yourself up with water. It won’t remain stocked up. Eat some plain yogurt and a few dates to keep yourself from feeling thirsty during the day. For iftar, eat fruits and vegetables with high water content such as melons, squash, strawberries, tomatoes, carrots, etc.

Avoid Caffeine

As impossible as it may sound, drinking coffee or tea will only increase your body’s salt excretion. Instead of keeping you awake and active, it will eventually drain you out.

Final Thoughts

This Ramadan, cut out on junk and fried foods as it will only make you thirstier. Improve your food choices and eat as healthy as possible. Drink water and other fluids with patience, or you will feel bloated right after iftar. Lastly, pray to Allah to help you persevere and keep you committed to Ibada’h during this blessed month of Ramadan.

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