Debunking Ramadan Myths


Ramadan doesn’t just mean abstinence from food and water, it’s an act of devotion towards Allah and an aim to increase spirituality towards Islam. While this holy month seems simpler to an individual, myths are surrounding us that we need to debunk.

Myth: Fasting is Compulsory

One of the common myths that everyone has heard is that fasting is compulsory. But this is not true, there can be a lot of special conditions where an individual can skip fast such as for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and people with severe health conditions fasting is not necessary. Even for children who haven’t reached a certain age of maturity, fasting is not compulsory.

Myth: You can’t Take Medicine

It depends on what kind of medicine an individual is taking. For example, eye drops, or injections are allowed during fasting but swallowing medication is not allowed.

Myth: It is not Safe to Exercise or Workout

That is not true! Working out during fasting is extremely safe. The only thing that stops us is the energy level we tend to lose after fasting for straight 15 hrs. But, someone who wants to stay active during Ramadan can exercise right before opening their fast.

Myth: Applying Makeup can break Fast

Most people used to say that one should keep their skin bare. Applying makeup means that your skin is absorbing makeup which can break your fast. Wee this is not true, if you are not swallowing anything that means your fast is not broken. And I have never seen anyone swallow a lipstick or foundation.

Myth: You cannot taste the food you’re cooking

Until and unless you are not swallowing anything your fast is safe. So, if you are not sure that whether you have added salt to your food or not then it’s allowed to taste it just on the tip of your tongue.

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